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Thursday, October 25, 2018

SAD: little girl gives birth to 3 babies after being raped.

A 13 year old Girl, has reportedlu given birth to a set of triplets after she got  raped 

The young girl by name, Francisca López Pérez, from Momostenango, Totonicapán, Guatemala.

  Got raped by an unidentified candy         seller, who she is yet  to recall, and   became pregnant with triplets,     according  to reports from  Univisión . 

Although the little girl ,  did not know she was pregnant until she noticed the changes in her body.

She  gave birth the month of May, but since then, she and the babies have suffered from malnutrition. 

     The three babies weighed like 1kg and two of them were quickly taken to a hospital in the area. Unfortunately , 25 days later, they died.

After having the babies, the 13 year old and the only survivor of the triplets, live in abject poverty, sadly, More so the child still needs oxygen and must be taken to the hospital all the time. 

The little one,  lives with her mother and seven other siblings in a house built with woods, based on reports from, Observatory on Sexual and Reproductive Health of Guatemala .

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