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Friday, October 19, 2018

See how lady said she owes no one a tight p*ssy

Things we see on the net everyday,  is so overwhelming,  most times you wonder if humans with brains actually operate their social media,  or they just give it to miscreants to handle it for them,  forgetting that whatever you post online shall be used to remember and define you,  no matter how long it takes to resurface. well, you might wonder why all the long talks on who actually operates an account,  the words of the girl on the picture above had drawn attention of all and sundry,  for how proud she stated the way her v*gina is without fear or favour,  without care or shame of how it will affect her. 
well,  although her account looks quite new,  we still doubt of she actually did it,  or maybe her picture was used for such act.

On her facebook bio she wrote "I owe no guy a tight pussycat,  he who can't swim should drown"

Wonders will never seize,  things we see on social media everyday! 

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