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What do you know about Ankara Fashion Styles? This is one of the traditional African styles that have become very fashionable.
The streets of Lagos have made Ankara one of the worldwide trends in the fashion industry. 

Today Ankara patterns can be worn by men as well as women.
However, this article will focus on Ankara Styles for men. Check out the top 10 Latest Ankara Styles for guys in 2018!
What is Ankara Style?
As mentioned above, Ankara style is one of the native styles for male and female in Africa. It has become a hit fashion trend that has spread worldwide.. This African Fashion style can be seen on the catwalks all around the world. Countless superstars and big celebrities have been spotted wearing Ankara fashion styles` suits and dresses. You only need to check out fashion boutiques anywhere in Nigeria to choose your Ankara style.
If you are still confused on what Ankara is, just know this: “Ankara is the word used to describe the printed fabric found in African and Nigerian native wears.” Ankara style can not only be found in clothes but also accessories, jewelry, shoes and bags.
Ankara has been produced in Africa as a part of the traditional clothing. Nevertheless, with mainstream trends and variations of this style – it`s hard to define what Ankara is. Everyone in Africa tries to make their own versions of Ankara Style.
The emergence of Ankara prints showed up in the 1980s. That was the time when fabrics manufacturers in West Africa increased the production of Ankara clothes to meet the demand. Therefore, it made a crucial impact on the Nigerian and West African economy. This means that African prints became internationally recognized.
Latest Ankara Styles
Due to increasing popularity of Ankara styles for guys and girls – the textile industry in some parts of Nigeria is booming! This is another reason to buy authentic Ankara style in Nigeria!
It seems that African designers now have the tendency to mix Ankara style with some pieces of European classics. You can see traditional European Jackets made in Ankara Fashion. Another significant trend is practicality. Ankara is one of the Nigerian indigenous styles, so people in Nigeria will likely wear it on the streets of Lagos. Therefore, some minimalistic tendencies like Jacket and Shorts for everyday trips have become popular. Designers also play around with different varieties for Ankara shirts.
Top 20 Ankara styles for Men
Ankara Jacket and Shorts
Jacket and shorts are one of the most practical variations for Ankara Styles for guys. You can mix Ankara style shorts with monotone shirts or vice versa.
One of the trendiest colors for this season would be orange. Just take a close look at the combination of orange jacket and shorts above. You can wear this style of clothes for a beach outing.
Ankara Jacket and Pants Style
You can wear Ankara printed jackets and pants with a monotone t-shirt underneath. Black or white T-shirts are the most proper for this trend.
You can wear Ankara jacket and pants to official and business meetings to emphasize your authentic touch of African fashion.
Ankara Jackets
You can opt for Ankara shirts with a pair of simple trousers. This style is the best suited for long strolls in a park. If you want to impress your girlfriend – just wear plain trousers, monotone t-shirt and light scarf with Ankara Jacket. You will add some romantic touch in this way.
Ankara Trousers
Plain one color T-Shirt and Ankara trouses will make you look really trendy. If you want to enjoy a casual stroll with friends, these Ankara trends will inspire you.
Ankara Shirts
You can buy Ankara shirts in most boutiques in Nigeria.
It`s a simple solution if you want to add a special touch to your casual style. It will also emphasize your authentic style and taste in fashion.
Ties and Accessories
If you want to stand out at your office or you enjoy a smarter look, then consider adding an Ankara tie to your formal outfit. It`s one of the latest Ankara styles for guys! The simple detail will change your look enormously! You might want to get an Ankara belt or buttons.
How about a scarf? How would you look if you combine a pair of Ankara trousers and a scarf? Take a look at more native styles for guys!
What Ankara Style do you prefer? Ankara is one of the trendiest African style in the world. You should try one of the variants offered above!

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