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Saturday, October 20, 2018

SEE PHOTOS: New hairstyles for everyone. A must see

After your dress or shoes, the first thing people notice is your hair. So, what story does your hair tell? Most times, ladies and gents tend to ignore hair grooming citing costs and time as an excuse. For others, it's the stylists (not all), or lack of information. Lastly, ladies, whatever looks good on Ifuoma may not always be as presentable on Ada.

 So, the next time you decide to make that trip to the salon, here are several latest Nigerian hairstyles that you can sample.
Source: American Hairstyles Update
Hairstyles for African women
Apart from people of African origin, others struggle with understanding the African hair. As such, the description of the hair may vary from one person to another. Some of the words used to describe African hair include kinky, afro, “wooled,” spiraled, and others that may not be appropriate.
Unfortunately, not everybody comprehends the beauty of the hairstyles for African women-more so natural hairstyles. The afro-texture is a blessing in disguise as you can do just about anything with the hair. Since you can, here are the latest hairstyles for you.
Latest braid hairstyles
It seems like braids never go out of season as people find innovative ways to rock them and still look fresh. Ladies prefer braids because they help in hair growth (length and volume), and they are a great protective hairstyle. Also, braids flatter all face shapes. Apart from the multiple styling options for braids, braids give you the opportunity to have colored hair without dying your hair.
Also, braids come in different textures, patterns, colors, and shapes. The African hair can handle the various braiding options discussed below.
1. Latest braided hairstyle – Box braids
The name box braid comes from the plaiting style which involves sectioning the hair into square or triangle-like shapes. Even though most women prefer long and thick box braids, the width and length can vary. Ladies love box braids because they are a low maintenance hairstyle. However, you have to endure three to six hours of braiding depending on the size of the braids.
i. Latest hairstyles in Nigeria 2018- Jumbo box braids
If you love neat chunky braids, then this is the hairstyle for you. With Jumbo braids, you can make the edges become defined, and the squares or triangle shapes are clear. The hairstyle works best for ladies with very thick natural hair. You can tame your hair with the large-sized braids. Above all, you get to save a lot of time.
You can also get creative with the jumbo braids and make different patterns like a spider web.
ii. Hairstyle for African ladies- Medium box braids
Do you want neat but not too thick or too thin braids? Then the medium box braids are the way to go as they are not only appealing, but also flatter all face shapes. Plus, you can easily style the braids.
iii. Best hairstyles for African hair- Small box braid
Forget the time factor; small braids are perfect for ladies with thin hair as they help prevent possible damage on the roots.
iv. Latest ladies short hairstyles- Bob box braids
Short braids are sexy and stylish. The bob complements your facial features effortlessly.
2. Trendy African hairstyle- Ombre braids
Colored braids make you look good but the Ombre braids make you stand out. You can purchase the ready-made Ombre extensions or weave in your preferred color in the bottom half.
3. Latest African hairstyle- Beaded braids and fringe
The tribal hairstyle looks good for most face shapes. You also get to express your personality with style.Currently, ladies opt for the bright and bold braids.
Source: Pinterest
Before braiding, prepare your hair by shampooing, deep-conditioning, and detangling. When choosing a stylist, go for one who does not pull your hair but still creates tight braids. You goal is to look good without damaging the roots or sides of your hair. Even after braiding, moisturize your hair and wash when necessary. Also, remember to wear a silk bonnet when sleeping as it helps maintain the hair and prevents frizz
Latest braids weave hairstyles
Do you love braids but cannot stand sitting down for long hours to get your hair done? Then crochet braids are the best alternative for you because the technique used to plait them is similar to weaving, and is very fast. Crochet braiding is a scalp friendly and protective styling technique. The other factor that makes the style lovable is that you can use hair extensions of various shades, textures, and length. So, if you want the regular braid, there is something for you. For lovers of voluminous and wild hair, the options are endless. You can also achieve a silky and wavy look with the crochet braids. Depending on the type of extension you use you can even set your hair.
So, what makes crochet braiding different from the regular weaves? Well, with this hairstyle, your more protective style exerts less tension on the scalp compared to weaving. While weaving involves sewing in the extension, crochet braiding utilizes a crotchet needle and a twist-and-knot method to secure the ends. The simplest braiding pattern involves plaiting your hair to the back. You can also have more cornrows in the front by joining two rows halfway. When you want a fringe, a beehive pattern is used instead. For those who want multiple styling options, then the vixen pattern is used.
Apart from being budget friendly, crochet braids can last more than a month. However, the longevity of the hairstyle depends on the quality of the hair extensions used, the braiding pattern, and how you maintain it. Nonetheless, you should not stay with style for long as you risk experiencing breakages due to straining your hair.
Now that you have a background on crochet braids, here are some of the trending styling options.
1) Bohemian crochet braids
If you can wear your natural curls, go for the bohemian crotchet braids. The natural-looking curls can confuse even the top stylist. The bohemian braids are light and come in different sizes.
Source: Pinterest
2) Crochet braid twists
Twists are chic and elegant. Over the last years, several extension types have become available in the market making this style even more versatile.
Source: YouTubeLatest Nigerian hairstyles images- Havana twist crochet braids
Source: DHgate
3) Crochet braids with curls
Curls give your hair extra volume and make you look stunning. With crochet braiding, you can get natural-looking curls including soft waves and beach curls.
4) Latest ladies short hairstyles - Short crochet braids with tapered cut
For an easy, laid back and sexy look you can try out the short crotchet braids with a tapered cut.
Source: YouTube
5) Straight Crotchet Braids
Yes! you can crotchet straight hair extensions, straighten, and set depending on the type of hair you buy. The hairstyle is perfect for anyone who wants to wear long hair, although you can also crotchet short braids.
Source: EBONYline
Latest cornrow hairstyles
Cornrows promote hair growth and also help you protect your edges. You can choose to plait using your natural hair or hair extensions.
a. Latest plaiting hairstyles in Nigeria- Cornrows plus braids/ twist
Cornrows with braids are like bread and butter; they blend in perfectly and give you a chic and stylish look. The cornrows can be half-up or plaited on the side.
Source: YeyeByNature
b. Latest hairstyles in Nigeria- Lemonade
Source: YouTube
c. Trending hairstyles in Nigeria- Tuck and roll cornrow mohawk (Patewo)
The tuck and roll cornrow mohawk is like an improved version of the Patewo hairstyle. You can either use hair extensions or braids while plaiting. The hairstyle has been a favorite for brides who prefer to rock their natural hair.
Source: YouTube
d. Trending hairstyles in Nigeria- Goddess braids cornrows
If you fancy an ethnic and chic look, then the goddess braids cornrows were made just for you. The style involves braiding large cornrows close to the scalp using natural hair or extensions. The artistry involved in creating this hairstyle results in various magnificent styles.
i. Butterfly goddess braids
ii. Long tumbling cornrows
These are a twist on the classic cornrows, giving them a feminine style which depends on long natural hair or high quality weave . This hairstyle results in a captivating and girly look. To style it, you can pull the braids into a low bun or ponytail.
Source: Pinterest
iii. Halo crown
Source: Pinterest
iv. Goddess punk rock mohawk
Here, you shave the sides and then a cornrow is plaited in a mohawk style.
Source: Pinterest
Tip: Caring for cornrows
First, ensure that the person plaiting you does not make the cornrows tight as this would damage your hair especially the edges. Do not wash frequently, as it makes the style get spoilt quickly. But when you wash, use a mild shampoo and rinse thoroughly using cool water. Avoid leaving shampoo residues as they make the hair frizz. Remember to condition your hair to avert hair breakage when you undo. Use natural oils to moisturize your hair to keep it fresh and prevent dandruff. Before going to bed, cover your hair with a satin scarf. Finally, avoid brushing or anything that strains your scalp.
Latest Ghanaian lines hairstyles
Ghanaian lines are cornrows created using hair extensions. Also called Banana cornrows, the style involves plaiting a line that gets big as it approaches the end.
The Ghanaian lines are also a protective style. Here is a compilation of the latest Ghanaian lines.
1. Ghanaian braids ponytail
Plait banana cornrows that go to the middle of the head, then tie them to get a ponytail style.
Source: Pinterest
2. Pencil lines
Source: Buzz Ghana
Latest Abuja lines hairstyles
Abuja lines use the same technique as Ghanaian lines, but they are versatile.
Currently, the Abuja lines that are trendy include
a. Fishbone lines
Source: Pinterest
b. Asymmetrical pigtails
Source: Pinterest
c. Side swoop lines
Source: Pinterest
Latest short hairstyles for ladies
There comes a time when short and elegant is the modern stylish. For most ladies, the short hairstyles are a way to showcase distinct facial features and remain sexy and fresh. Now, if you are ready to take this challenge, here are some short hairstyles for ladies.
1. The bold haircut
If you are brave enough, you can chop all your hair off and rock this hairstyle. The advantage is more attention will be on your eyes and other facial features. Today, ladies use different colors to highlight this chic look.
Source: YouTube
You can also try short hair styles below
2. Short weave hairstyles
With the short weave, you do not need to cut your hair to rock a short hair do. In fact, there are several short hair extensions in the market that can flatter any shape. You can get layered bobs, short curly, or straight weaves among others.
Source: Hairstyle for women & man
3. Curly pixie cut
The hairstyle is always trendy and versatile. You can choose spiky and rock star cut or go for a more conservative look.
Source: Beauty Reflections
Latest men hairstyles
Men’s grooming has really evolved. In the past, men would spend minutes getting the “regular” cut. Today, most men spend at least an hour at the barbershop. So, what changed? Well, it is no secret that the price of haircuts has increased. As such, the services provided have since improved significantly. You can now get thorough a wash and massage when you visit the barber. Plus, the products used currently seem more sophisticated than before. With these changes came more innovative latest hairstyles for men. Men became more open to trying out new styles outside the regular.
If you still cannot figure out the perfect hairstyle for you, below are some of the latest hairstyles for African hair.
a. Clean shave with beard
The clean shave is one of the oldest hairstyles for black men that still look trendy. The hairstyle is also the best solution for people with receding hairlines. Hey, it takes confidence to rock the clean shave. Also, the if you have facial hair you can shape them to complete the look. Always remember to moisturize your scalp to avoid bumps.
Source: MachoHairstyles
b. Afro taper fade
With fade hairstyles, you can achieve extra detail on your hair. The hair tapers down as you approach the neck area.
Source: YouTube
c. Box fade
The hairstyle was famous in the 90s among the hip-hop stars but now it is a favorite for many. It is a combination of a sharp and defined rectangular top and tapered down sides. On average, the hair at the top is about three to five centimeters long.
Source: Hair Cut Ideas
d. Frohawk
Football superstars and musician have spotted this elegant look. With the frohawk, you can experiment with shapes and sizes.
Source: Men's Hairstyle Trends
e. Dreadlocks and fade
Before The Weeknd shaved his hair, many people were in awe about the process it took to come up with an excellent combination of unique dreadlock hairstyles and an undercut. Here in Nigeria, Mr. Flavor has had this look for the longest time. Remember, you can also use natural extensions to create this incredible style.
Source: Pinterest
e. Big braid plus undercut
Here, your hair is held together by two or three cornrows and held like a bun while he rests is neatly cut.
Nigerian men and women have no reason not to rock the above hairstyles. Select what will make you look good and enjoy the attention that comes with it.

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