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Sunday, October 14, 2018

SEE: wedding gown that cost 1.8 million!

A lady,  bout to be wedded  has taken to social media to voice out,  after a Nigerian designer collected N1.8 million to design  the wedding  dress below:.

She narrated how , the designer told her the fabric and all the accessories would be shipped in from Canada. 

Meanwhile  on getting the dress, the bride saw how ”cheap” it looked.

The bride explained she suspects that all the items used for the dress were bought here in Nigeria.

An IG user, who shared the story on an instagram wall , posted the with the words below:

”This is the $6,473.68CAD / 1,845,000 Naira wedding dress that we were talking about the other day .
The bride said she felt the material wasn’t what was promised to be shipped from a Nigerian fashion designer who said the fabric and accessories will be shipped from Canada , the vendor also worked on the dress last minute and wanted to make another one but she refused.

1.8 million Naira, alright o, I’m waiting for someone to come and tell me the fabric was shipped from the moon and it costs 1.4 Million Naira and the sewing machine was shipped in from Turkey and it costs another 445,000 Naira , I’m waiting"

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