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Saturday, October 27, 2018

SHOCKER:lady gives her boyfriend her belly button, find out why!

Think you have read the weirdest of them all??  Well think again,  guess what an ex boyfriend got as a gift from his Mexican girl friend,  her NAVAL!!!

The lady has described how she removed her belly button and gave it to her ex boyfriend as a present.

The Mexican Paulina Casillas landeros aged 23, made the decision to remove her navel as it is "what makes us human" before giving it as a present to her then boyfriend, Daniel Ramirez, in the year 2015.

She later describes her decision as "reckless" and "impulsive" three years after the and regrets her action greatly. 

She being a student of  HR intern and tourism explained that:

 "I was very much in love with my then boyfriend, he supported me through many difficult times, and he is one of the most influential people in my life.

It was something I did in the spur of the moment, we were young and stupid but that’s the way I felt. I put it in a small bag along with a note saying 'I love you', it was very emotional.

He has kept it and he will keep it forever because he knows the meaning behind it. We are good friends now but we will always love each other." 

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