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Friday, October 19, 2018

SHOCKING: Woman gives birth to an alien, see shocking photos

ALIEN! Mother-to-be with a love of all things spooky recreates iconic movie scene in bizarre and bloody maternity shoot where her husband chases their offspring around a pumpkin patch
An expectant couple recreated one of the most famous movie scenes of all time when the mom-to-be gave birth to an alien in a bizarre Halloween photo shoot.
Todd and Nicole Cameron, from British Columbia, Canada, are big fans of the Halloween season and told how they love an excuse to dress up and have fun.
So when it came to their maternity shoot, the couple decided they wanted an unconventional photo shoot to celebrate their impending arrival.
The quirky couple also wanted to choose a shoot which reflected their dark sense of humor and love of Halloween.
The alternative photo shoot started off routinely enough with pictures of doting parents-to-be Todd and Nicole Cameron 
The chose a pumpkin patch as the location for their maternity shoot to share news of their impending arrival with loved-ones
The sequence of action shots follows Nicole's pregnancy 'journey' and soon things start to appear not quite as they may seem
Nicole soon begins to go into labor in the pumpkin patch with a concerned Todd trying to support her for her big 'delivery'
The shoot itself was taken in a autumnal pumpkin patch, and starts off in a fairly normal fashion. The couple pose together under an umbrella and Todd leans down to lovingly kiss Nicole’s bump.
However, the shoot quickly takes a gory and bloody twist.
Drawing from the famous scene in Alien, Nicole can be seen lying on the ground as an alien bursts from her stomach in a bloody eruption.
Todd is then pictured chasing the gruesome alien ‘baby’ as it scurries away across the pumpkin patch.
The parents are subsequently seen cradling their monster child in a blanket, beaming at each other with pride.
And attention to detail certainly wasn’t lacking for the shoot, with the alien even sucking on a miniature dummy.
There is cause for concern as Nicole starts to bleed heavily with an oddly shaped 'creature' protruding from her stomach 
Soon enough, a gruesome 'Alien baby' protudes from her stomach with the expectant father soaked in blood in this scene 
Todd can be seeing chasing after the alien baby through the pumpkin patch field in this quintessentially spooky image
Todd told Bored panda: 'I had recently found an Alien’s Chestburster model at a garage sale and after putting it together and painting it, the idea for this shoot came to me.
'I had an idea for the general story and props needed, including carving the alien pod pumpkin and Nicole took care of finding our ‘out there’ wardrobe.
He added: ‘We actually first met at Halloween, we always hand-make elaborate costumes and we go all out on Halloween decorations at our house, so this was really just a fun way to celebrate who we are while passing on a few smiles and laughs in the process.
'The photo shoot took about an hour and, though chilly and muddy on the pumpkin patch, it was so much fun.
‘We just kept laughing at the absurdity of it and hoping the employees of the farm wouldn’t drive by to see us covered in blood.'
The delivery may not have gone smoothy, but nevertheless the new parents seemed to fall in love with their new arrival 
The blood-soaked couple shared a kiss with their alien baby  towards the end of the shoot -surrounded by pumpkins 
Todd can be seeing giving the alien a bottle of what appears to be blood when the creature wasn't sucking on his soother 
The last picture shows the new parents with their precious bundle in what was a drama-filled and unexpected photoshoot 
The photographs were taken by Li Carter, a local photographer from Nanaimo, British Columbia, and this isn’t the first time she has captured special moments in the couple’s life in an eccentric manner.

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