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Monday, October 8, 2018

Story of that bold black goddess!

The African lady! 

Here is short fictional story,  to motivate the black woman,  who feels marginalized, terrified or self low esteem.  


John woke up and stared into her face for the next 60 seconds,  thinking to himself how lucky he is to have a queen. 

Clara  slept there like an innocent new born,  with no fear, terror, or dark thoughts. 
It was their 2nd anniversary, they dated for 6 months and now they have lived under same roof for two years,  but still felt like its just their first time together,  like they just found love for the first time in their lives. 

Clara's eyes flicks and she smiled up at John,  "oh my goddess happy second anniversary " John said
"oh my God it's the 2nd, but still feels like it was few hours ago I found you my lord"

He had made a surprise party in honour of their anniversary, "how do I tell him this" Clara thought to herself. 

John had always told,  her she would lack nothing, so long she stays home and be his wife. He stopped her from working, or doing anything aside,  the chores and then making babies in no time. 

She is a graduate of micro biology, but stopped work immediately John came into her life, she had to give up her dream for love. 

Well, she decided she is done,  with the depression. 2 years no child,  but home all day everyday of these years,  cooking,  washing, cleaning and just idling about. Yes John had been caring and all,  but she was done,  so done and this night she will voice out her inner most desires.

"will she find it easy to forgive me?  Will she still love me?  After the humiliation from my sister"

Ella,  Johns only sister,  has been on Clara's neck,  for not bearing him a child.

The surprise dinner party, ended up not the surprise dinner party.  
It was dark and cozy,  he held her hands and kissed her neck.  "tonight will be your best night goddess" she smiled at those words he used to melt her heart often. 
But she is no longer cut out for the pets. 

"my lord,  tonight is meant to be special, but I wanna be different"

"Surprise!!!!" echoed in the small hall filled with people, tears filled her eyes,  just then Ella storms in "b**tch let my brother be,  barren wo....."  
" John, I can withstand this,  but I wanna plead before this people,  allow me work,  am done being a house wif..." Clara's voice trails off in sobs.

John dismissed their guest and sent his sister out. 

 on his knees  "My bold dark goddess,  forgive me,  I am done treating my impotence,  now you can work,  I was scared of telling u am impotent,  and letting you work,  you might get to find out,  forgive me"

Clara kneels with him and they share the most intimate moment ever, like they never deed. 


Note: names used in this story,  are imaginary, if it matches to someone else, know that it is strictly co-incidental .

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