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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Tantrums Restructuring by Vice president Osibanjo


THESE are not the best of times for the pseudo- progressives of Yorubaland as the rubber hits the road on the major issue that will determine the outcome of the 2019 elections , returning Nigeria to the path of productivity a.k.a restructuring.

VP Osinbajo 

For many years, a band of conservative, opportunistic and wheeling-dealing politicians sprinkled with some pretenders to the throne have been throwing their weight around in the zone mouthing  popular rhetorics to hoodwink the unwary. With plenty of illicit cash,a formidable political machinery was put in place whose survival rested on perversion of values and corruption of institutions.

Gradually a zone that was known for its sophistication became a land of anything-is-possible with the rest taking over the public space while the best was consigned to the sidelines.It was with that strength that the ACN coupled an alliance with its partners across Nigeria in 2014 named the All Progressives Congress, APC.

The first manifesto of the party that was out in 2014 was kept a secret document until some Yoruba nationalists forced it out of the hands of their South West operatives and discovered they were silent on the issue of Federalism and a bedlam was raised.

The smooth operators said they were coming back and they soon returned with a revised version which now made a 419 promise “to return Nigeria to a true Federation”. A grand deception was sold and a wing of Yoruba progressive establishment followed the deception. A renegade progressive even openly declared that “only Yoruba bastards will not vote for Buhari”.

The APC won the election and the owners of the game took over and showed their true colour  by declaring that restructuring Nigeria into a proper federation was not their priority. The 2014 National Conference whose reports were unanimous and provided a good template was declared an archival material. Agitations went  on unabated and they switched to not knowing the definition of restructuring  as they got 200,000 definitions from 200,000 Nigerians they spoke to on the subject.

When that would not put the genie in the bottle, they asked Nasir El-Rufai,an opponent of restructuring to lead a team to go search for what was not lost  He returned after some Safari around the county with some xeroxing of pages from the 2014 National conference report and the APC and its government have been mute on the matter since then.

Elections are now weeks away and Candidate Atiku has articulated his thoughts on restructuring with time line and even promised to sign an MoU to begin implementation from the first day in office. He is gaining traction and the owners of APC game have now dispatched their messengers in the South West to start the shenanigans all over again.

Some days ago, it was the Interim Chair of APC,Chief Bisi Akande who used to command some respect in the region  they dispatched to America.  He made some ramblings on federalism before he ended up for what he was sent to do: dismising apostles of restructuring as sloganeers.I still have in my Library a copy of the book  Restructuring: Nigeria’s Approach To True Federalism, which he authored as Governor of Osun. The late Afenifere Leader, Senator Abraham  Adesanya asked me to draft for him his Foreword to that book. Yoruba foremost  living Historian, Prof. Banji Akintoye has asked Chief Akande to quit politics to preserve whatever legacy he has left.

Last weekend saw the man at the balcony of power,Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo taking the stage at the University of Ibadan to take on Atiku who has made himself eloquently clear  on restructuring in a case of why Yoruba hiss at those asking the gods to kill a person who cooked soup but failed to add salt without a word on the person who did not near the fireplace .

Going through all Osinbajo tantrums at Ibadan which are not worth quoting ,all that is obvious to us is that deep frustration has set in as the day of reckoning knocks. Atiku today can afford promissory note on restructuring but the APC can only tender cash as the question for it is :what have you done in almost four years on restructuring ?

The mumbo-jumbo the VP spewed in Ibadan was talking of his court appearances when he was Attorney General of an AD government in Lagos as what “we”(APC) did” on restructuring .A Law  Professor? What tongue twists!

I am certain no one would take Atiku serious if all he he did was to come before Nigerians and premise his promise to restructure solely on the fact that he chaired the Committee on Devolution of powers at the 1995 Constitutional Conference without articulating the issues involved in restructuring and a clear pathway on how to do it with clear commitment and timeline.

The clear message to drummers Akande and Osinbajo today is that your beats are no longer danceable as we have seen through all the cheap tricks and cannot be hoodwinked as we are very wary now. Find somewhere to sit and let the owners of the game speak to us on the fundamentals. Those who would not let Osinbajo as Acting President know when they asked Daura to seal the National Assembly under his nose cannot let him know where they stand on the key issues.

There is no wisdom in throwing tantrums all over town on behalf of those who see you as an outsider-insider!

…Oonirisa, the Olori and the ritual

LET  me first congratulate His Imperial Majesty,Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi,The Arole Oodua,Ojaja II as he last week  received his Queen to the palace on October 19, 2018. Her Majesty, Olori Moronke Naomi Silekunola Ogunwusi the New Yeyeluwa Oodua’s entry into Kabiyesi’s world has brought a closure to the phase of singleness for Kabiyesii and all lovers of the ancient throne are in prayer that the couple will find all marital fulfillment and their union will always be a source of joy for them and the entire kingdom.

This is also the place to address the hues and cries all over social media this past week over the indiscretion  by some people posting  photographs of the marriage rituals performed within the precincts of the palace ,especially the aspects involving stepping on the blood of animals by the new bride.

I fully accept that the images of blood should not have been brought to the public place given the rate of occult  involvement of many  young persons with its attendant blood rituals.The whole ceremony was private and it should have been kept so.

But the other side of the argument I do not buy is questioning the  essence of blood ritual and why the Olori who is an Evangelist should go through such.Those who argues along this line forget that the Ooni occupies a highly spiritual throne and a total lack of appreciation or understanding of the place of blood in traditional religion and the orthodox religions that are more popular now.

Blood of animal is the Red Carpet in Traditional African(Yoruba) Culture and it symbolises honour, sanctification, fortification, faith, allegiance and obedience. There are rituals that are communal with fixed annual seasons, hence ceremonial in nature. There are others that are private or do not have any fixed annual calendar, but are practised as the need arises. Rituals and ceremonies play very dominant religious and social functions in African societies.

Restructuring can address minimum wage issues – Ogidi

Traditional rites, rituals and ceremonies all have their foundational beliefs and theological basis. The purpose for such practices must be ascertained. The totality of what is involved in practice must also be ascertained. Rituals and ceremonies do have their accompanied practices, rules and regulations. These practices, rules and regulations become the means of linking traditional Africans with the spiritual powers and forces.

Every religion has these rituals. When God was to show his hands in Egypt by killing its first  borns,He instructed Moses and Aaron to instruct the children of Israel to raise selected species of animals which they should kill and sprinkle the blood on their door frames. “On that same night I will pass through Egypt and strike down every firstborn of both people and animals, and I will bring judgment on all the gods of Egypt. I am the Lord.The blood will be a sign for you on the houses where you are, and when I see the blood, I will pass over you. No destructive plague will touch you when I strike Egypt.”-Exodus 12-13.He also instructed them to observe the day as Passover for generations to come .

The ultimate prize Christ paid for Christians was shedding his blood on the cross and till date his followers still plead the blood of Jesus .

Muslims celebrate Eid al-Adha, and “Adha” means “sacrifice” in Arabic. Most families who can afford to do so will slaughter an animal — perhaps a sheep, goat, cow or camel. The animal will be blindfolded, gently put down and then slaughtered while the name of Allah is praised. The meat is consumed by the family and also distributed to neighbors and to the needy.

For some non-Muslims, it may seem puzzling that Muslims engage in such a bloody ritual. But Jews and Christians are able to relate to the holiday’s origin: the biblical story of the sacrifice of Isaac.

This story is in both the Book of Genesis and, with some interesting variations, the Quran. In the story, Abraham receives a shocking injunction from God: He must offer his beloved son as a sacrifice. As a devoted servant of God, he agrees to obey and takes the child to Mount Moriah to slaughter him. At the last moment, God, satisfied with Abraham’s devotion, saves the boy by sending a ram as a substitute sacrifice.

There are minor differences in how the story is told in Islam, Judaism and Christianity — such as the name of the child, which the Quran doesn’t mention and Muslims gradually accepted as Ishmael. But the moral lesson is the same: Abraham’s piety should be celebrated. He was willing to obey God’s order, even if it meant killing his son.

It is in this context that what happened in Ife should be understood as just a ceremony.


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