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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Timaya shades ex Empress, over having no child yet.

Enitimi Alfred Odom known as Timaya a Nigerian singer and songwriter  has at last spoken  on his relationship with ex,  actress, Empress Njama, about 10 years after their separation .

 He hinted on it while sat in his mansion with media personality, Daddy Freeze.

The singer  also touched  on why he forcefully took back the car from her which he himself gave her to drive, dexlaring it was not a gift to her.

In his explanation, he revealed the Honda was  a gift from another lady, so  he gave it to Empress, while they were dating.

He further explained that  he handed her money to buy a car which she did not buy,but spent it and kept riding his own car.

He went on and said,  the lady who gave  him the car was angered, asked him to return the car since he has bigger cars and won't ride hers,  then he and Empress broke up but he never thought about collecting the car because he believed they were getting back together and it was just a normal lover’s misunderstanding.

But,  he never imagined that , Empress will refused to return it to him, even after his pleas.

 So he was forced to go and try to take the car from her in church.He said he had the spare key and when he tried to drive out,church elders stopped him. Although  he finally took back the car after intervention from some Navy personnel.

Moreover he did go ahead  to shade her saying, during that  time,  he felt his life was almost over.

He said ”Who’s bigger now?””. Defending himself he expressed,   he is not saying he is bigger just in terms of money, but that he has three kids while she has none.

As the interview proceeded, he revealed Empress was like a wife to him, because she was the one who made him settle in Lagos, even choose his first house and took him everywhere he needed to be. And that he is over All that happened,  but is revisiting the issue, due to the fact that he hears alot of people talking about  it.He wants to Clear the air on  the rumours that he collected the car back from her, which people think he got her as a gift. 

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