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Monday, October 8, 2018

Tonto Dike's son almost died!

Beautiful nollywood actress and mother of one,  Tonto Dike has narrated her ordeal over sons (King)  health for the past three weeks. 

Mama king,  explained that,  her son was near death,  but thanked God for saving her sons live. 

She explained how she has being in and out of the hospital, to make sure his health is stable. she made the post with the picture above,  and caption below, she also thanked everyone who stood by her,  during her trying time,  including bobrisky who helped her cry and pray for her son,  King. 

Although she also, shaded those who think she is being dramatic  and called them "fools".

Get well soon King!  From all of us at SYC. 

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