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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

TOUCHING: soldier meets his daughter for the first after her birth with tears

AJ Larson a  soldier who was deployed during the birth of his first child has met her for the very first time and is all teary. 

The soldier who is  24, is currently stationed in Del Rio Texas, with his wife, Sabrina, 21. But after his wife became pregnant in 2017, he was deployed to Jordan for six months.

During the emotional rebound, his beautiful wife immediately moved towards him with their daughter in her arms, after he came down the escalator of the airport.

Two of them hugged each other lovingly, and AJ had a look at his daughter for the very first time. 

His wife said

 "Watching me finish my pregnancy and give birth without him was torture."

Sabrina dressed their daughter  Camila up in a beautiful American flag headband and made a sign to welcome her husband home 

The couple took to facetiming each other during the birth of their daughter, and afterwards so AJ could witness the prominent moments of her early days while overseas. 

Sabrina came prepared for the reunion with an awesome sign 'made' for Camila that read: 

''Outta my way! I'm meeting my Daddy for the first time today!''


''Say hi,''Sabrina said to Camila, while handing her over to AJ. ''It's your daddy.''

The moment was special for the couple, who made sure to capture the homecoming on video so they could cherish it forever. 

She further explained that:

''Finally getting to hold Camila was the best moment of [AJ's] life,He’s extremely grateful to be home with his girls.''

The reunited family posed for a couple pictures at the airport before they headed home to celebrate being back together.   

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