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Monday, October 29, 2018

TRUE StORY : 15 year old is pregnant for my 14 year old son--woman cries out

I I don't know how this will Turn out,  but a friend Shared her story on a platorm like yours,  she told me it helped out,  so I thought I try my luck with your blog. 

My story might not be as complicated as hers,  but it's my complication, I would really appreciate any advice I get here, sincerely. 

I brought my friends 15 year old daughter to my house, to help her ease the ease the pain of training her 4 children alone,  after her husband died in a car accident. 

We were very close friends right from level 100 in the University. Til we both graduated,  luckily got posted to same state for nysc, although she got married a year earlier than I things were so rough,  as her bus driver husband,  only took to drinking since he noticed money did not flow in as he had expected,  until his death in may 2016. 

I took her 15 year old girl last year December,  she has been a great help to me in my house,  been a great friend to my only daughter  and two sons,  they act like siblings, my husband comes home twice in 6 months, so I literally look after the four of them.

I just found out that my friends daughter is 2 months pregnant for my 14 year old son, last week! 
Am so confused on what to do, none of them knows what responsibility is all about. 

Am so confused what do I do?  

The above person choose to keep all information about everyone involved anonymous,  but hoping on your comments to deal with this situation. Share until she gets help! 

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