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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Unbelievable! Student impregnates two besties at the same time.

Maseno university  male student,has gotten  himself in a tight position on Monday after his two girlfriends fought  each before him.

The young man named as Jeff had a  sorry situation  as the two girlfriends made ridicule of  him, before his classmates.

Reports from a source, exolained that the two young females, are both two-months pregnant, were best friends, but un aware that they were dating the same guy. 

The girls started exchanging words immediately after class, with each lady, expressing  of being ripped of their love.

Words from each of the ladies below:

Nyambu :

“How dare you come for the same person I am dating? Which kind of friend are you? Now go and marry him. I am giving you what you wanted,” 

Reacting  to Nyambu's words, the other lady explains  that she was not aware that her boyfriend had another affair, and told her co-girlfriend to blame her boyfriend. Her words below:

In anger

“Who was I to know that you were dating him? He came to me, I never approached him. He lied to the both of us,” 

The supposed boyfriend fled from the scene with some students stating  they heard him say, “let them fight”.

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