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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Unreal Mad woman caught selling used sanitary pads!

A young on facebook has shared video of a supposed mad woman,  who turned out to be selling used sanitary pads to people, believed to be for diabolic purpose. the woman in the picture was caught by residents of the area and was interrogated while being videos,  she explained that she sold the last pads she picked last month. 

She further explained that6she takes her bathe in a gutter near where she stayed, based on questions thrown by the residents.

The alleged fake mad woman further explained that, she is being paid 200 after her supply of the use sanitary pads, which she picks from waste bins in the area.

She said those who buy the pads from her come with cars, she also explained that she sweeps and gets paid. 

The young man who made the post wrote(see picture below:
Although it is yet to be ascertained if she had being arrested and her her buyers brought to book, from the video, someone restricted angry residents from causing her any physical pain whatsoever. 

Things we see on social media! 

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