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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Vice president Osibanjo throws shade at Senator Adeleke over his electoral defeat.

The vice president has thrown shades at Ademola  Adeleke ,the PDP governorship and his counterpart Dino Malaye, candidate on Monday night,  over his dearest in the house concluded elections in Osun state. 

This happen during the independence gala night , held at the presidential villa,  banquet hall, he also stood in confidence with the poll that declared Nigeriaas the happiest and most optimistic people world wide. 

He further explained that,  Dino Malaye and Adeleke have made people laugh in various ways,  adeleke through dancing and the latter by staging his attempted kidnap and hiding on top of a tree for hours,.

In his words he said "A few months ago, an important politician who was on his way to trail in a court said he was abducted and later he escaped from his abductors , he remains hiding under a tree for eleven hours. 

The most interesting part of the story is that many people online in particular, on the internet, started to tell stories of different birds and how long theose birds could remain perched on a tree.
All these were the Nigerian contribution to the story. 

Yet another important politician insists and still insists that the most important attribute of leadership is dancing., and boy could he dance! And for those who think that that is ridiculous , at least 200 000 people voted for him in a particular election".

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