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Monday, October 22, 2018

Young man explains how he paid #6000 to donate blood to save a kids life!

A Nigerian young man has cried out over his ordeal in a hospital, on Saturday when he tried to donate blood to his neighbors son that was bout dying,  only to be told that he must buy blood or pay #6000 to donate.
He made the post on his facebook handle, below are his words:

"I got home this afternoon only to see my neighbor's child gasping his last breath. The father and mother of the baby were already crying, I asked wat the matter was and they said the child has been sick since morning but no dime on them to take him to the hospital for medication(they are just poor Farmers who feed from hand to mouth). I immediately rushed them to the hospital, even money for bike they couldn't afford, to tell u how serious the situation was. 
Wen we got to the hospital, the doctor demanded that the child needs a blood transfusion and that the blood will cost a #15,000. I pleaded for #10,000 and even up to #12,000 but the doctor refused. 
My question is "why sensitize people to come for a free blood donation and sell it this expensive"? To cut the story short, I decided to donate mine after a proper screening since I'm a universal donor, which I still paid #6,000 since I was to donate.
The most annoying thing is, they didn't finish the full pant of blood on the baby. The remaining half was thrown away bcos according to them, there's no way they could preserve it. Why are we like this in this country? That blood could have at least been preserved so the next person can get it at a cheaper rate.
But tanx be to God, as I speak the boy is back to life, in his mother's hands eating right now, though after a very huge sum has been spent. Glory be to God. If not for God, this is how this little and innocent boy will lost his life today."
sad turn out of events in the country is quite unbelievable most times.

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