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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Actress, Stresses She Is Not In love With Akon.

Well known Kannywood actress, Rahama Sadau, has cleared the air, over her alleged crush with American musician, Aliane Damala Bouga, popularly known as Akon.
Rahama was speaking in a popular Hausa TV Show ‘Kundin Kannywood’ in Arewa 24 TV  on Tuesday which was anchored by another popular Kannywood actor, Aminu Sharif Momoh.
“I have never imagined meeting Akon one on one. I knew him and I knew his songs before now. He is such a famous musician. So when I received an invitation from him, I was so amazed that I saw it as a big opportunity for me which I can’t turn down,” 

Speaking on the allegation that he wanted to change her faith to Christianity, Sadau debunked the the rumour as she always did saying, “those people talking about this did not know Akon. Akon is a practicing Muslim.

I was even told that during Ramadan, he often stays away from people to concentrate more on acts of worship. He even invited me join his family for a lesser hajj which I turned down for the fear that our people here will view it as something else. Moreover, Akon has three wives.”

Rahama also spoke about her new movie titled “Mati a Zazzau” which will soon hit the screen.

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