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Sunday, November 4, 2018

APC is panicking _- says PDP

The people Democratic Party PDP,  has continued to show confidence,  in their presidential candidate and their ability to win the forthcoming 2019 elections. 

They pointed out that, APC is panicking over their strategy meetings because it did not only fail to deliver on its campaign promises, but is also completely bereft of ideas required to solve the problems it caused, even as it knows that it cannot drive the country in this 21st century.

They further revealed that,  it is not ludicrous that the APC has become so disoriented that it is now issuing statements about the venue of their meetings which does not offend any section of our laws, and for which it has now rented itself to lies and spurious allegations.

lastly, they expressed, on the chaotic fretting of president Buhari and APC over the strategy meetings by their  Presidential candidate, @atiku, is defeatist and a clear sign that they are already petrified ahead of the 2019 electoral contest. 

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