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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

2019: President Buhari, before and now

Before the 2015 presidential election, there was a General Mohammadu Buhari (Rtd.)we never know, who after three consecutive shots at the presidency and almost gave up trying to become Nigeria’s president, was repackaged and rebranded to give another shot. He was repackaged as a religious bigot and fundamentalist to a deacon in several Pentecostal churches; rebranded as an ex-dictator to a Democrat.

His googles changed from dark to light. They referred to him as Mr. Integrity cum transparent leader, detribalized, untainted, incorruptible, disciplinarian, and a workaholic. In shot he was described as the best hope for Nigeria’s continual existence.

Nigerians, who were dissatisfied with the leadership of Goodluck Jonathan as at that time and enraged by the untamed activities of the Islamic sect – Boko Haram, looked up to the newly rebranded Mohammadu Buhari for respite.

Thus, the renewed man was at his best.

For the first time after leaving office as Military ruler, he wore neatly ironed suits, jean trousers and designers T-shirts with face caps to match. A few Nigerians were impressed by this new looks which wore a face of a youth but deep inside was a sick man. He laughed towards the North, smiled to the West and gave a brotherly waved to the South East convincing them that his cooks and drivers who works for him for twenty years are Igbos. The gist convincingly sank into the land of Biafra.

Gullibly, Nigerians were prepared to listen to Buhari and trust him, he delivered his well rehearsed lines perfectly. Hear him: “if yor fote for mii, I wee fight kwarruption to a sandstill, earned the Boko Haram insurgency under tiri months, make 1# equivalent to $1, sabilize oil price at the interlational markit, provide 5million yobs for the tea-ming unemfloyed Nigerian youts under tiri months, profide stable forply and bazic amelities like uspitals, kwud roads, water and sound ezucational system under 6 months…sic”.

The list of promises is endless.

On May 29, 2018, PMB will be three years in office. A scrutiny of the achievements recorded by the sweet-mouthed president leave nothing to desire. Analysts say rather than work to achieve the promise of nation building, president Buhari has destroyed the fabric of the country.

For instance, a critical analysis of his three major agenda which are to fight corruption, end insurgency in the north / enhance security and create job, will leave a sour taste in one’s mouth.

Fighting corruption which Nigerians see as Buhari’s core advantage judging from his stint as military ruler between 1983-84 leaves them highly disappointed. PMB did not only abate corruption, he shielded and encouraged corrupt public officers in his government thus earning Nigeria an embarrassing place in the Transparency International global rankings.

The insurgency in the north which the president boasted that he has already defeated through what they described as “technical downgrading” of Boko Haram is still evident. Instead of weakening the sect, Boko Haram have grown in strength and gained grounds – exhibiting courage by Kidnapping 110 girls in Dapchi and returning same in broad daylight in a bravado-celebrity manner. An observer pointed out that “if the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed was in Dapchi when Boko Haram returned the girls, he would have scampered to take group photographs with the sect so as to show that PMB is working”. Insecurity is now the order of the day as the Fulani herdsmen go on a killings-spree – killing and maiming innocent and defenceless citizens in most states of the federation especially Benue, Taraba, Yobe, Kogi and Edo states. A former Military General, T. Y Danjuma has accused the Nigerian military under Buhari of “conniving with the herdsmen to commit genocide” in Taraba state. The security situation in the country now seems out of hand and uncontrollable. In fact, it has overwhelmed the president who many say has a soft spot for the rampaging herdsmen.

Instead of creating millions of jobs he promised, Nigerians have lost millions of job under the APC regime. Buhari came with harsh and amateur economic policies that led to an unprecedented inflation thereafter recession. Businesses crumbled, naira fell flatly prostrating to the dollar. As millions of people lost their jobs, many are unable to feed themselves and their families, some committed suicide, while others sold off their children in order to survive. The hardship meted on Nigerians are unbearable.

Facts on ground shows that the president has not been able to impact on the lives of the populace by initiating, completing or commissioning any tangible project since he assumed office – evidenced by the now popular #theBuharichallenge which no one has been able to claim the gift prices of a Jeep, house and cash prizes totalling about 2milion naira (excluding pounds and dollars).

While Nigerians continued to wallow in abject poverty, deflated psyche and blurred future because of the president’s incompetence and lacklustre performance in office, president Buhari declared to run for another term of four years in office by 2019.

Nigerians welcomes the president to the race, however, he should realise that Nigerians are no fools but are now wiser and knows him better than in 2015 when he lied and tricked them to get their votes.

Akan Okon, a commissioner serving in Akwa Ibom state opined elsewhere that “no one can undergo tension while watching a replayed match”. Since Nigerians now know the president cannot be trusted with another four years, whatever he will anchor his campaign on for another term is a replay match that Nigerians are already aware and conscious of.

President Buhari’s cannot afford to trick Nigerians again because only a foolish man will die from what killed his father.

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