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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Breaking: Reactions, to the winning of Brian Kemp as new Governor Of Georgia.

President Trump of United states of America,  has shared his heartfelt, 
congratulations to Brian Kemp on becoming the new Governor of Georgia.
Expressing that,  Stacey Abrams fought brilliantly and hard,
Stating that, she will have a terrific political future.

Putting that, Brian was unrelenting and will become a great Governor for the truly Wonderful People of Georgia.

But some Citizens,  who are on twitter,  kicked against his stand,  explaining that, the wonderful people of Georgia were scammed by secretary  of State Brian Kemp.

Stating that, in his election for governor, which he oversaw, purged thousands of voters from state voting rolls, and tried to shut down voting locations in black areas of the state. A proud win for southern racists.

Another, said, "Brian Kemp is a cheat and spent years purging people from the voter roles in preparation for running for Governor. He held 53k voter registrations to stop black people from voting. He can get prepared to be a one term governor because we will be organizing and coming back!"

Hillary Clinton,  Thanked, Brian's opponent,  Stacey Abrams, for fighting for Georgia and for the integrity of  American  elections. 

Urging everyone, to be able to exercise their right to vote and that every vote should be counted.

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