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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Festus Keyamo (SAN) defends president Buhari, over certificate controversies.

A senior advocate of Nigeria,  has expressed that, the The dumbest comments he has  read about the now dead issue of PMB’s WAEC result is to say WAEC forged its own document. 

Explaining that,  Where there’s ONLY ONE body authorized by law to issue a document, it can only make mistakes or clerical errors on it (I don’t concede that here) but cannot forge itWhen it suits them, they campaign with some dubious records of ex president Olusegun  Obasabjo and his then vice,  Atiku  Abubakar government of 1999-2007 (like GSM etc). 

In his words:

"When it doesn’t suit them (like when OBJ/Atiku seized Lagos funds) they tell us he was only the VP of that govt. It is the first sign of defeat - running from pillar to post
On a lighter note, we understand the opposition is now hunting for the examiners who marked PMB’s scripts in 1961 to ascertain whether the grades in PMB’s WAEC result tallies with the marks they actually gave him. They’re flying in some US investigators to Dubai for consultation"

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