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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Tonto lashes out at her haters

controversial actress, divorcee and northern of one, has taken to her,  instagram page,  to clear Nigerians, that she stands strong,  despite negative words and insults directed at her. 

She made it clear that,  she is a hard nut to crack,  as she is a strong woman,  which makes them feel intimidated. 

Explaining that,  Nigerians,  do not fell comfortable seeing a woman survive hard times. 

Although,  a troll attacked her,  calling her "bitter" and should be used for rituals. 

Replying her,  Tonto expressed that,  she could be her step mother soon. 

Another engaged that Tonto does not seem to be radical for Jesus anymore,  while friends and fans,  gave her accolades. 

This is coming after celebrating her sons birthday,  King yesterday.

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