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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Hushpuppi reacted over the scholarship and giveaway competition for 100,000 Nigerians

One will expect Nigerian Dubai-based big boy Ray Hushpuppi to be more open handed to Nigerians due to his wealthy influence but the designer addict has claimed that he has never given out money to the needy before. See photo post below…

Self-acclaimed Gucci master Ray Hushpuppi is a mystery when it comes to the Nigerian celebrity world – no one really knows how he makes his money, but he continues living a rich and luxurious lifestyle which he displays on his social media. The Dubai based big boy, Hushpuppi, takes interesting vacation and shows off his lavish lifestyle – The social media celebrity showed off his relaxing moment in the tub as he flexed in Beirut, Lebanon. To tension his fans, he also took a foot bath in champagne Life for Hushpuppi has been a pleasant, joyful ride based on his posts on social media. Just recently the Malaysian-based Nigerian big boy showed off his latest escapade in the fancy part of Beirut, Lebanon.

Recall that sharing the photos on Snapchat, Ray Hushpuppi decided to tension some of his “haters” and fans as he bathed his feet with champagne and adorned himself in rose petals. The Gucci ambassador also showed off his latest designer collection from his unending shopping spree. He also showed off wads of cash as he enjoyed his time in Beirut.

Meanwhile few months ago Mompha called-out Gucci addict and internet big boy, Ray Hushpuppi who gets joy from flaunting his wealth on social media and revealed many of his secrets.
Mompha just like Hushpuppi, also flaunts his wealth on social media and has been friends with him for a long time. The two after falling out over an incident, took to social media to make a mess of themselves.

Mompha who vowed to deal with Hushpuppi, revealed that Hushpuppi’s dad drives a taxi for a living while the mother is a breadseller. He also claimed he accommodates Hushpuppi whenever he comes to Dubai, and that Hushpuppi was fond of borrowing money from him and bringing girls to his house because he cannot afford to pay rent. Mompha wrote on Instagram: “First and Foremost all the noise on instablog about me hating on hushpuppi why will i hate on a nigga i helped, From the first day i knew u till now have never share any money nor do any transcation with you… have always been the one helping you by making free dubai visa for u and u always stay in my house.

The other time u had issue with davido and you couldnt go back to malaysia, Same mompha was the one who advice u to come to dubai to start a new life and had to make dubai resident visa which the company charged u for $5k but u couldnt afford it cos u broke and i had to beg them to take $4k which u paid for almost 2months and bal was remaining 150 usd which u couldnt pay back, “You came to dubai with $1800 which was not enough for the visa expenses i had to borrow u $5k usd which till today u havent pay me.. You stayed in my house for almost 3months inconvenient my family still u bring women to my house which my wife complains everytime but i dont wanna hurt u by tellin u cos i knw u broke and u couldnt afford house rent.

“Still u wanna stab me at the back by using my personal account for fraudulent act and sending me to jail.. People on social media dont knw u the most ingrate in this world.. living fake life by posting people stuffs and receipts on social media just to gain likes and comments and popularity, Try go help ur taxi driver father and ur bread seller mama and stop living fake life on social media no house no car no investment only begging for money from people and borrowing money, Nigga even borrowed money from my wifey sometimes ask for 20 to 30dirhams for taxi just to go to dubai mall and post he is shopping . Nigga even bought IG verification for $2500 i got the evidence .. Next time dont ever try me cos u got nothing against me i was born in money #omobabaolowo i gave u shelter for 3months feed u.. At the end of the day u still f**ked up by asking my uganda nigga a shoe.. all private jets wasnt paid by u and the 11million naira drink u said u bought.. Stop fakin it Bro Cos u already lost it by trying to attack me… Less i forget i was the one who always give u money especially our trip to milan”

Mompha and Hushpuppi when all was still rosy
He then added: “Bastard dont knw what to say again nigga saying i borrowed his cloth how come the cloth still with me Nigga said i post samsung how come samsung company havent notice it Nigga said he is goin to tag EFCC 😂😂😂 that i make money laundering… Nigga said he bought good food for my family how come u can buy good food in a family man house and u cant afford house rent… Nigga lied he gave me 70m from where it came from 😂😂😂😂 u finished bro cos am coming for ur broke ass never in ur life u try this wit someone bigger than u…. God buy ur papa new taxi cos the one wit him is owned by someone 😂😂😂😂”

Hushpuppi would never stop giving it back to back to those who want to bring him down, please share your thoughts below.

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