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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

I spit on the day I met you:. Young man fires at a girl he met, in a facebook group, over scam of 160k.

A Nigerian man,  has,  cried over a Nigerian Lady,  that leaves Ghana,  that scammed him of 160 thousand Naira, the young man identified as Kingsley, made the post on facebook,  explaining how he met the lady on a facebook group. 

Sharing a photo of the lady and their chat,  before the both of them met. 

last picture he took of the lady in question. 

he explained that
He has  never casted anyone, in the group before despite the fact that he  has  met with more tens of  girls  in that same group,  compared  to other guys there that must have been casting ladies.

In his words he further explained  that:

"  ............But  Millicent Ifunanyachukwu Zion I spit on the first day I met you here in Yabaleft through a friend.
  Over a long period I do stand by you even when you were wrong, I still defends you. But now you have shown me how devilish and fraudulent you can be. Was I wrong inviting you to spend a weekend with me here in Lagos Nigeria? Anyway for who ever that wishes to listen to what happens.
 I paid this girl trip from Ghana where she schools to come here in Nigeria and she agreed to spend weekend with me before moving down to her village in Aba.

  She arrived on Friday and during the weekend on Sunday night, I gave her my ATM to get some extra wines downstairs from the hotels' bar where we lodged through POS, and be hold I slept off because I was feeling dizzy, while waking up in next few hours she's no where to be found around the hotel room nor the environment and all I can see is 160k Withdrawer message alert from my Gtbank which I was surprised and have to put a call across my bank ASAP to cut off and cease further Withdrawer. As am posting this I have not set my eye on her nor has she replied my message's since that Sunday night she disappeared....
 Uju  I blamed you for this mess though it ain't a big deal shaa!......"

Things we read of on social media everyday, though !!

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