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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Instagram on fire, breathed down by Tonto Dike!!

Tonto has set instagram on fire,  these past week and seems to still be breathing more fire. 

Now it's a fight with the instagram blog she is accusing of teaming and collecting 500,000 from her estranged husband, Churchill Olakunle. 

She had earlier kicked against Patience Ozorkwor popularly known as mamaG when she was an actress,  who has now turned born again and told young ladies to dress responsibly,  to show they are truly born again,  that whoever wants to serve God must change their wardrobe, from worldly to decent,  so as to inherit the kingdom of God. 

But Tonto would have none of it, after commenting against mamaG,  the blog posted and Tonto took it hard on them. 

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