Man who disguised himself as a lady, as a s*x worker, has declared, he is not gay. - SyCtRenDs



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Friday, November 9, 2018

Man who disguised himself as a lady, as a s*x worker, has declared, he is not gay.

Man,  who disguised him self as a lady, and paraded himself as a prostitute, name Iliyasu Omika, was parade on Wednesday at the FCT Police Command headquarters. 

The 22-year-old man arrested by the police for allegedly disguising as a woman to lure men at nightclubs in Abuja has  declared that he is not gay.

The man who is  a native of Kogi State but resident of Tungan Maje in the FCT, was among 15 suspects paraded by the FCT Police Command on Wednesday for reportedly luring men at nightclubs into amorous relationships while disguised as a lady.

Police revealed that  he was arrested at a brothel in Mpape on November 5 around 5am :

“after his supposed client raised alarm upon discovery that he was actually a man and not a woman as he claimed.”

Moreover,  while answering questions from journalists, Omika said he is not a sex worker neither is he a gay. He said he dressed as a woman because he had come to Abuja to act a movie where he was casted as a lady.

While describing how he was arrested, the suspect  stated that  he was with a man that had promised to give him N3,000 to return back to his village after they finished the movie they came to act.

Here are his words":

 “I have slept off and the man started touching my (point at his private part) and when he noticed I was a man, he called the police and I was arrested.”

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