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Monday, November 19, 2018

MUST READ: 2019 plans Of Still Abubakar.


Below are,  listed plans of the PDP presidential  and former vice president of Nigeria,  Atiku2 Abubakar,  which he stated on his twitter handle and presented at a campaign seminar:


"My plan to restructure Nigeria will lead to a vast increase in the Internally Generated Revenue both for the Federal Government and the states via the matching grants that we will provide to state governments that increase their own revenue.

Our National Innovation Fund and SME Venture Capital Fund initiatives will provide stable and sustainable long-term support to aspiring entrepreneurs."

He further emphasized that,  he is focused on the employment of Nigerian youths. 

"My team and I will also help create jobs by innovating flagship programmes such as the National Open Apprenticeship Programme through which we shall enhance the capacity of Master-Craftsmen and women to train 1,000,000 new apprentices every year. "

He also made it clear that, no state will receive less funding than they get today and that of a  fact that, all will receive more and the harder a state works the more they will get. 

He also revealed:

"Our National Innovation Fund and SME Venture Capital Fund initiatives will provide stable and sustainable long-term support to aspiring entrepreneurs. 

These investments will create a minimum of 2.5 million jobs annually and lift at least 50 million people from poverty in the first 2 years. 

If elected President, I will be pro-active in attracting investments and supporting the 50 million small and medium scale enterprises across Nigeria for the purpose of doubling the size of our Gross Domestic Product to US$900 billion by 2025. 

My plan will invest in our failing infrastructure. 

I started out as an orphan selling firewood on the streets of Jada in Adamawa, but God, through the Nigerian state, invested in me and here I am today. If Nigeria worked for me, I owe it as my duty to make sure that Nigeria also works for you. 

The most important question in this election is: “Are you better off than you were four years ago?  Are we richer or poorer?”  That is why our primary focus is on getting Nigeria working again."

He expressed that, too often, Nigerians have been promised better governance by those seeking their votes. Such individuals have preyed on the legitimate desires of our people for their conditions to be improved, that they make all sorts of promises. 

"I am strongly of the view that I am just one Nigerian and one Nigerian cannot be as wise as all Nigerians. That is why I will offer an inclusive leadership. 

I am not one for making grandiose promises. Rather than promises, I believe in policies.

But above all, my plan will help create jobs because in my many travels across our great nation the one consistent thing I hear wherever I am is that our people need jobs."  he stated. 

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