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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

NANT: ECOWAS gets commendation, for settling dispute between Ghana and Nigerian traders.

 The re-opening of over 400 shops and businesses belonging to Nigerians in Ghana, has been commended by  the National Association of Nigerian Traders (NANT) acknowledging the ECOWAS Commission for the role it played in it. 

President of the association, Ken Ukaoha, gave the commendation on Wednesday when he led a delegation of Nigerian traders to the commission’s vice president, Madam Finda Koroma in Abuja.

He expressed  that this is a testament to the fact that the ECOWAS mandate of economic integration is being achieved.

Also,  that despite the pencil which was used to draw maps in the ECOWAS region, this has shown that they are indeed one people.

Vice President of the association Koroma advised that NANT or any party having such regional disputes should always seek dialogue and consultations with the Commission in order to address and find lasting solutions to the issues at hand.

She urged the delegation to be confident  in the Commission to handle disputes among Member States and Community citizens in line with ECOWAS protocols and utmost neutrality.

ECOWAS Commissioner for Trade, Customs and Free Movement, Tei Konzi, charged the NANT to sensitize Nigerians on the effectiveness of the Commission and its protocol on free movement, residence and establishment as it has just experienced it first-hand. 

Explaining that, the association should also serve as ambassadors of ECOWAS and urged Nigerians to support the signing of the European Union-West Africa Economic Partnership Agreement and the Continental Free Trade Agreement.

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