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Monday, November 19, 2018

Next Level: APC reassures poor masses of better lives.

The Nigerian president,  Muhammadu Buhari campaign group,   made their instructions clear,  telling  those who have been ignored, the poor, the vulnerable, the unemployed, that they would be availed the opportunity to better their lives.

Maryam Uwais
Special Adviser to the President on the Social Investment Programmes, further  explained,  that they had in 2015, set out to impact on lives and,  had strict instructions,  to assure that the poor,  unemployed,  women as well,  will be given opportunities to better their lives. 

Assuring that, there is something for everybody at the Next Level, including  power to the people, energizing our economies.

Also that, Next Level means every child counts, today points to the future. 

Emphasizing that,  next level, is a roadmap on Jobs, Infrastructure, Education, Broadband and Internet Infrastructure, Technology, Power, Health, People Moni Bank, Entrepreneur Bank, Policy, Security and Anti-corruption and Inclusion in Government.

Stating that voting Buhari next year, is to lay the foundation for a star and prosperous nation, we acknowledge there is still much to do.

Do you think,  given another year to the APC government, truly leads us to the next level? 

Kindly share!! 

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