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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

I will marry A man of my dreams- Rita Dominic

Nollywood, beautiful actress,  addressed her state of being unmarried in an interview with TVC station. 

Rita, explained that, she would only marry a man of her dreams and not thean society dreams for her.

She stated that,  society thinks something is wrong with someone who is not married at a certain age,  but probably they don't think something is wrong with the society. 

Explaining that,  society only wants to force people to do things, rather than let people do things at their own time,  or when it is their choice to do it. 

further revealing,  4th hat she almost got married,  but it did not work out,  as she saw the signs,  thinking things will change but it didn't .

Finally she stated thar, a grown man or woman cannot be changed,  but two people can  live with each other and respect each others feelings. 

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