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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

READ: Why a hug From Ben Nwabueze with Atiku is touching.

The presidential aspirant of the people's democratic party, PDP has been pictured,  hugging, Professor Ben Nwabueze During his visit to Enugu state.

Posted by a twitter user Renos, he expressed that, the photo was taken a few minutes ago, turned out to be 
 One of the most emotional, most touching and most moving pictures Ihe has ever seen,  in his life! 

Emphasizing, that the embrace Prof Ben Nwabueze gave Atiku is so evocative of what Nigerians feel about the man who by God’s Grace will be our next President.

Another user,  expressed that, the photo is very touching and amazing, because it touched  hearts and shows how  elders believes in former VP  Atiku and his strategies of making Nigeria working again. 

Another, stated:

"Wow so touching i wonder what could led him in this emotional hug. He's age is a blessing and an asset to humanity."

Former Vice president, explained that,  Professor Ben Nwabueze is a patriot and Nigeria’s foremost constitutional lawyer.

Also,  in a very emotional meeting in Enugu, he reminded him of the unfinished Nigerian Project.

assuring  him, and every Nigerian, that he will keep my word.

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