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Saturday, November 3, 2018

SHOCKING: read how man raped his own mother and mother in-law.

   Reports have come in of farmer in Laguna  32  years of age, Shekari David, who was arrested recently by operatives of the Inspector General of Police Special Intelligence Response Team, IRT, for carrying out several armed robberies and rape in Kaura Local Government area of Kaduna State, has confessed raping his own mother and mother-in-law who he said were between the ages of 65 and 70. He also said that his wife has abandoned him and married another man because of his penchant for raping older women.

Sources at the IRT, explained  that the man  ran into trouble recently when the operatives who were deployed to Kaduna State by the Inspector General of Police to combat the high rate of kidnapping, armed robbery and violent crime, got information that he and members of his gang who specialized in snatching motorcycles from their owners at gun point, were planning to carry out an operation around Kaura Local Government headquarters.

A source explained that David was arrested in his hideout in Manchie area of Kaura LGA following a tip off by a member of a vigilante while a stolen motorcycle was also recovered from him. The vigilante man also described David as a notorious serial rapist who specialized in raping older women residing within Manchie and environ.

    Read sources version; “It was a member of the vigilante who assisted us in arresting David, when we came to Manchie to look for him. We found him and members of his gang in their hideout and we arrested and recovered a motorcycle from them.

Then the vigilante informed us that David had been a major threat to old women in their community as he always sneaked into their apartments at night to rape them. Members of the community had reported that on two occasions he raped his own mother and his mother in-law. He however promised to turn a new leaf when he was caught but he never changed. They added that David’s activities had thrown older women in the community into panic as they were scared to sleep at night."

  When David was  interviewed he explained that he didn’t know what came over him any time he got drunk as he would just go around town looking for older women to rape. He admitted not doing it for ritual purpose but wondered if anyone had cast a spell on him.

Read his confession below:

“I am a farmer and I was once married but my wife abandoned me due to my penchant for raping older women. I don’t know if I am under a spell but whenever I am drunk a spirit comes into me and I will be going around looking for women. I have been beaten over this issue severally but I still can’t control myself whenever I get drunk. I raped my mother during our last Moroha Festival after I got drunk. I couldn’t find any old woman to rape and when I got home I found my mother sleeping and I penetrated and raped her. My mother screamed when she saw me on top of her and our neighbors gathered. Everyone saw that I was drunk and when I became sober I begged her for forgiveness and she accepted. When my wife heard about it she was angry and she left the house and went back to her parent before she later found another man who married her.

Not long after that, I attended another festival in my wife’s community known as Mahuta and I became drunk again. In the night I went to the house of my ex-wife’s mother and found her sleeping. I then raped my mother-in-law but the woman shouted and people came around and caught me. I was given a beaten of my life before I was asked to go. I don’t know what usually comes over me when I am drunk. That spirit normally pushes me to rape older women” 


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