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Monday, November 19, 2018

Tonto still fuses and rains fire on haters, and ex husband!

Tonto estranged husband,  has sparked the anger of Tonto with his nature reply,  to an insult directed at her. 

The controversial actress and Jesus radical, has declared war on anyone who tries to speak against her in anyway,  explaining that she wears madness as a garment. 

Many trolls have trooped to her page,  to caution her over her careless words, but she gives it to them back to back,  standing strong against any negative words directed at her. 

Although crossdresser Bobrisky,  had asked her to reply his Dm,  it's possible he wants to advice her,  to keep her cool on all the talks.

She has threatened to disclosed all that happened between she and her ex husband and father of her son. 

Not too long,  she called him a one minute man,  but he still said she deserves respect from him,  no matter what,  as the mother of his child,  Tonto rather called him manipulative. 

Do you really think Tonto is fu ighting for her right, the right way?? 

Let's know your view,  and please do not forget to share. 

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