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Sunday, December 16, 2018

American weather, bleaches Linda Ikeji's skin?

After the birth of her son Jayce, brake up with her baby daddy and controversial engagement.

Billionaire blogger keeps trending over different issues, trolls have been on her trail but she seems not to give a hoot about it all.

As she shared a video of her laughing over being called a "baby mama"

The billionaire blogger, has been made fun of, ranging from her fall into pregnancy, and how she visited her baby daddy at a local area, away from her big home at banana island.

Well today, a fan spotted a bleached leg of she and her friend. After she shared the photo below.

Replaying to the insinuation of the fan, she explained the weather of America made them look that way.

See photo and comments below:

So do you think,  Linda is right or the fan??

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