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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Bus driver. Arrested for not properly fixing bus door.

A law enforcement officer tweeted on how a bus door fell off, while the bus driver was driving, the bus driver ignored it while on high speed.

Our source, an RSS officer, reveled that, another car, ram into the door, but they officials, chased the driver and caught up with him.

While they towed it to the station.

Read tweet below :

"Some few minutes ago, the door of this Danfo fell off on top speed on Ojota bridge. An on coming vehicle rammed into the door,RRS team nearby gave a chase and arrested it.luckily no injuries.Driver bolted,Danfo towed to a police station.Hmmm,Danfo osiere"

It's a festive season, drive carefully, if you should die today, you gain Nothing!

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