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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Desmond Elliott celebrates 15yrs of marriage with his wife

Today, December 26th marks the anniversary of marriage between actor and politician, Desmond Elliott and his wife, Victoria.

The celebrity couple are celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary today with bundles of joy in their heart with their journey over the years.

The couple got married on this they in the year 2003 and have been blessed with four children.

Declaring his love for Victoria and celebrating their special day on his Instagram page, Desmond wrote;

15 years and waxing strong,Babamai I could leave a long note to profess how much you mean to me , I could tell a story of how we met and started this journey,it will all come down to those 3 words, I LOVE YOU
Mmm Thank you for the peace
Thank you for caring
Thank you for loving me even when I added to my waistline(hehe)
Thank you for making our house a home

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