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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

I am home in a foreign place - White lady married to an igbo man, celebrates unity in the family.

A beautiful mother of two, and wife to Jeff Chilakaukpo, the son of late king Anthony of Ezinihite Mbaise of Imo state. 

The lady who loves in Ludnigshafen, is from Sousse, posted of how united the family is, how she and her husband teach their kids, all about Nigeria, the culture of the village and allow them experience darkness, when there is no light. 

The lady whose posts are literally against racism, uses every opportunity to post about how happy she is, being married to her husband. 

See photo of her cooking, using a mortar instead of the normal blender and her post on, the way her family bonds happily:

"let me tell you what really matters.
when coming home, we make sure we expose our kids to 100% reality in nigeria. not only bringing them here, hotel nye nye, city nye nye, 24/7 gen nye nye. 
we make sure we spend as much time as possible in the east, village self! we take them to the local market, we eat local food, we make use of public transportation and drink pure water once in a while. we make sure they see and know how an animal is killed,because knowing where your food comes from helps understanding the value of natural resources. we stay without light if there is none, we use firewood to cook at times, we leave them to run around the compound, get dirty and sandy, and just enjoy their environment. they are free here. bonding is so so important, most especially when the kids grow. every time they come back here they bond with their people again, it may take a year, but once we all reunite its like we have never been gone. when we are all together we share responsibilities, and the care for the kids, it doesnt matter if they are my kids or my nephews and nieces, if we are together we are all one. so we all share the chores. 

unity and solidarity is what i experience here!
FAMILY is what i have here.
iam home in a foreign place ❤️"

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