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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Morning reflection, thoughts on life and it's accomplishments


In the scheme of life Reasons doe's not amount to success.
Any man that must succeed in life must be a man of Action!!!!!!!
You must learn to take Action!!!!!
YOU must be Action!!!! crazy
As a matter of fact you must be Action!!!!! biased.
Yes we have a lot of planning, we have a lot of strategy, we have a lot going on in our head but very few people are taking Action!!!!?
Notting in this life moves until you move.
The little science I learnt is in matter everything must stay in it original or stationary position until a force is applied to it???? Movement does not take place.
Procrastination is a killer of Destiny
Every time you have an opportunity, you give reason or excuse why you won't do it next
You will never make head way in life giving excuses.
TAKE ACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For example, I will start loving my wife please don't will #START
I will start submitting to my husband  please don't will #START.
you don't plan to do? you start Doing.
Everytime you will, everytime you will????
Then when will you finally WILL.
Poeple who make it in life are Action!!!! Oriented poeple.
Remember things may come to those who wait but it will be Remnants.
Those who wait enjoys the left over.
Action oriented people succeed more in life than those who wait.
The Bible says those who observes the weather will never sow.
Action is Amazing
The world will not pay you for what you know but for what you have done...
For everytime you finish processing a thought? Take Action on it !!!!!!!!!! Don't wait
When you take Action you are sure poeple will take you serious.
Every man is not pay for what is in his head but for what his exhibited
Your value increases in Action!!!!!
Action reveals who you are !!!!!!
Action attract success
Notting happens until you take Action!!!!!!
The cheapest product in the world of success is Talking!!!!!!!
Principals without application is equal to failure! Failure!!!! Failure!!!!!!

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