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Monday, December 31, 2018

Must Read: Pastor, says his hairs can cure any sickness.

A Facebook User and pastor, Angel Emmanuel has declared that, 
His hair has a spiritual significance. 
 That whoever Touches it, Whatever sickness he or she is  suffering from, dries up immediately. 

 And make one not to die young. Emphasizing that 
God is aware of it. 

Although many have reacted to his claims, including pastors and most Christians in Nigeria. 

And he replied them stating that:

Don't Think I Have Failed!!
I Am Even Succeeding
If You Dont Like Me That Means My Authenticity Threatens Your Fraudulence!  
Any Minister That comes here to call me names!!! Please don't provoke the anger of God upon yourselves!! 
 You that claims to be a pastor, yet you are found in the hotel day in day out with people's wife's in the name of ministry ,Hell fire 🔥 Awaits you!! 
 You that claims to be holier than his holiness, yet you sleep Around with the Members of your congregation or Even travel around sleeping with Girls!!! Are you sure you are okay?? 
 You that sends Assassins to kill your fellow minister's, judgement Awaits you!! 
  You that is caught in and unholy act yet you come to facebook to claim a Sent, Acid from heaven will cut of that your hand's!! 
 You that Buries people on your foundation, for fame in ministry, yet comes here to Judge me, May God bend that your Mouth!!! 
 The Truth is that, Am out to Reveal the Truth!! Like the Word of God! says, An the truth shall set me free!!
 No wonder Daddy frees has many, Evidence against some of our pastor's!!
 If I start Revealing what's going on in our Pentecostal churches/ministries Today, no one will want to Go back to Church!! 
 I am very Transparent!! An God is with me!!!
If God be for Me, Who can be against me? 
Romans 8:31Wow... " he stated. 

 Reacting to his, ascertion going viral he further revealed that:

"  A 58 was totally cured of Fibroid today,(15year's fibroid cured).. for Obeying the instructions of the Son of God!!! 
 2 years deaf ears opened!! 
 6year's on wheel chair, Healed instantly!! 
 7 year's itching in the eye... Cured!! 
  8 years demonic possessed, Released instantly!!!

Do you belive this?
Drop your comments and share, so you read what others have to say about it. 

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