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Sunday, December 23, 2018

PATIENCE: Man breaks free from relationship, that played with his patience.

A Nigerian man has tweeted his experience, after three years of relationship with a lady, who suddenly turned on him, over money transfer. 
He made the post, to explain how she changed from whom he thought she was, while they had dated for three years, he further revealed, she was introduced to him by someone. 

His tweet, got loads of Twitter users calling him a very rare patient breed, for most of them, could have simply lost it. 

Read Mr Joey's tweet below:

She asked if she could come around with her friend, I agreed.
"Will you pay for the cab fare?" I replied, "yes."

Few minutes later, my phone rang and it was her. "Please, come and pick us at domino' s" she spoke in her soft voice. But, " you know my address...

...why isn't the cab bringing you guys....?" 

"Man, we want to get ice cream and you will pay for it" She replied before I could finish my statement.

Sometimes been yourself is good but when you are too calm, you would look a dummy.We got home, having a drink and two of my guys came ringing the bell at the gate. I was happy, it wasn't going to a dull moment.

They got in and the groove started, it was getting interesting but, I guessed it got into her friend and she went straight into and took three pieces of chicken for herself with a five alive juice. That was the beginning of the nightmare and that moment I knew I messed up, inviting these people.The one who happens to be a friend turned out to be the worse. 

She took the remaining three pieces in the pot and joyfully ate them. "my eyes don red" Immediately I told my guys, we need to get to FC to continue the groove and the boys were in for it.

She asked for transport fare and the money I promised.

I did a transfer doubling the cost of ice cream and transport fare which, had a debit on my account but she didn't get the alert. I initiated again on the app, same result but she didnt get the alert.
Immediately, I tried all I could getting in touch with my bank all to no avail."You know what? Get yourself down home, you will get the alert but please return the second when you get a credit alert twice" I chipped in.

"Never! I won't leave here without that money." I think say na joke.

For the first time, a loud noise came out from my building and....the dogs at the other compound started barking loudly.

I wasn't pained for the distrust but the embarrassment in the presence of my guys. You would think the lady and I just met or that she was a call girl, I made out with who demands her pay before she leaves.
"Your voice is getting too loud, can you put it down or better still, let me drop you guys at home. If I get reversals, I will transfer again and when you get it twice, do return one.
 The lady said, "no way are we leaving here without seeing the money or else we sleep over.

One of my guys said, he would transfer to her with his own account, he did and she got the money. 
It should be over already but she insisted she wants cash after the money had gone through. 
Immediately one of my guys said, "Tina" you are mad, whatever you smoked...

wey dey make you behave this way , you should stop. Abi no be you again? Please send back the money that was sent to you now, she did.

Immediately, I tried all I could getting in touch with my bank all to no avail.

"You know what? Stay the night, before we get up, you should get the alert" I told her and we had to cancel out outing but I told one of my guys to sleep over.

I asked her to go sleep upstairs while I sleep in my room at the ground floor and my guy at the guest room. 

At 3: 20 a.m., this lady came downstairs and started again. "See, I am travelling today, let's go to the ATM" 
"You are mad" I replied. You woke me up... this time and spewing thrash. Are you on a mission? My guy woke up, and called me. 
"Guy, since when you been known this babe?"
"Three years down the line", I replied.
Guy, "I just "riboli" her friend but at a price."

:Just maybe na wetin the other girl want but you no dey connect."

I said, no we have not spoken in that direction, ever.
While at this, I go a message from my bank it was a successful transaction. 

...I showed her, but she said she is yet to see and that I should send from my gtb. 

Madam, "that is not possible. It means you would be getting alert thrice and I wouldnt want excuse. Can I get back to sleep?"

It was morning and the war continued when she woke up around 7 a.m. I had to tell her to keep it low, that by 8a.m would drive down to the bank to rectify but she has to follow me. 

She agreed, the complaint continues.
We got to the bank and I filed out my issues. The bank said, it was successful and if it happened this way, the recipient has to complain at his or her bank.

To get this stress off me I withdrew from the atm, the exact uber fee and gave her.
This woman no gree o.

She insisted that her expenses on cold stone should be given to her.

We argue this, till we got home.
You will get the other transfers and if you get them, return one. Don't worry about this cash I just gave you. I don dash you.

She was adamant till we got home. 
My guy gave her the money for the cold stone and they left.

At 1:45 pm, I called my bank again and they told me it was successful. 

At this time, she has seen it but didn't tell me until I told her to check again her balance.

She kept mute.

"Send my money please," I told her.

Guess what? She sent half of the second transfer.

I blocked her everywhere, told the guy who introduced me to her.

"How can you not thank God, someone like this left your life before the new year?" My head told me."

See photo of transactions below:
Can you be this patient? 
 Drop your comment and kindly share. 

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