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Friday, December 7, 2018

SEE: Names Of The Most Expensive Football Transfer Of All Time. Number 6 will Shock You

  Here are the list of players of the  world biggest transfer fee of all time.

1. Neymar Jr.
    Barcelona to p.s.g - £198m - 2017.
  Full name known as Neymar Junior, 
  It is a fortunate transfer fee, but 
  Neymar more than doubled the 
  world record when he made a move
  to p.s.g from Barcelona.
   It is the world biggest transfer of         all-time and, when you factor in
   wage's and bonuses, it comes in at
   around half a billion us dollars.

2. kylian Mbappe.
    Monaco to p.s.g - £160m - 2018.
   Mbappe is just a boy when it comes
   to age but a man when it comes to
   skills. The France teenager burst 
   onto the scene with Monaco and,     
    after one incredible season, p.s.g 
   agreed a year-round loan deal 
   which later became permanent for
   a fee of £180m on July 1, still only
   19. Mbappe is arguably the world
   best player under the age of 21.


3. Philippe Coutinho.
    Liverpool to Barcelona - £105m -          2018.
   Philippe Coutinho is a Brazilian 
   national professional football player
   But have played for Liverpool and
   after starring for Liverpool, 
   Coutinho made it clear that he         wanted a move to camp Nou  and     eventually got it, the deal   could  reach as much as £142m            with  add ons.

4. Ousmane Dembele.
    Dortmund to Barcelona - £96.8m -
   Dembele is a franch (France) 
   national football player who now 
   play's for Barcelona. Dembele's fee
   has add-ons which could see the 
   fee rise by 40% percent.... taking 
   the deal to a potential £147m.
   incredible given the teenager was
   snapped up for a tiny fee from 
   Rennes only a year earlier. 


5. Paul Pogba.
    Juventus to Manchester united - 
    £89.3m - 2016.
    Paul Pogba is a France midfielder, 
    man united paid a new world 
    record to land the France
    midfielder from juventus but it   
    didn't last very long as Neymar's 
    deal eclipsed all before it, not a bad
    Investment given juventus signed            him for around £500.000 from              united in the year 2012.

6. Cristiano Ronaldo.
    Real Madrid to juventus - £88m - 
   Cristiano Ronaldo is known as             world most experienced player.
   Only A Ronaldo, and possibly messi,
   If ever leaves Barcelona, could
   command £100m fee with only
   a few years of his career left. One
   of the greatest of all time shocked
   the world was when he choose to
   leave Madrid and settle at juventus
    in Turin.

7. Gareth Bale.
    Tottenham to real Madrid - £85.3m-

    Gareth Bale plays for wale national
    team. Bale record lasted all of 
    three years as he was sold from
    Tottenham to the same club who
     already has the record.






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