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Friday, December 7, 2018

Slay queen insists on dating yahoo Boys!, what she said Will shock you

A Nigerian girl, has disclosed that, she can't settle for a poor boy, but would rather date a yahoo boy, anytime any day.

Sharing a screenshot of her chat (see photo below), with a supposed admirer, the Facebook slay queen, identified as Hantibe, insisted that, poor boys will be dumped, unless they start earning morning, she expressed that, she don't mind being dumped, used for rituals or worse, so long she gets money in return.

Read her post:

"Now what does a conversation of wooing a lady has to do with "only fake girls luv guys when they make it? 
Guys really need to stop this mentality of "girls love only guys that have money" ok now what? We should start dating someone who doesn't have future ambition? For why?🙄
See ehh we will continue breaking up with the poor ones and start dating the Yahoo Yahoo boys that will use us, dump us or use us for rituals😡 
If it paining u go n make ur own money too and stop disturbing us on Facebook with "you will make it one day" make it today let girls dump other guys for u😡😡"

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