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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Things you don't know about Withdrawal Method

Sex.  (Splinter)

If you’re considering having sex, your sex ed classes will hopefully have taught you that there are a few different birth control methods.

The withdrawal method isn’t talked about as much as condoms, birth control pills, or even IUDs, If you’re looking for more information on it and want to know how effective it is, you’ve come to the right place.  Below are things to know about the withdrawal method.

1. It's also known as the pull-out method

You might know the withdrawal method as the pull-out method or even the pull-out withdrawal method. If you're wondering what it actually is, it's where a guy pulls his penis out before ejaculating, hopefully minimizing the chances of pregnancy.

2. It's not the most efficient process

Planned Parenthood reports that the withdrawal method is 78 percent effective. That might sound alright, but it has to be done perfectly and we know that humans aren't perfect. What's more, they state that out of 100 women who use the pull-out method *perfectly,* four will get pregnant.

3. Some people use it with other birth control methods

Some people use the withdrawal method as their only form of contraception. It's better than doing nothing, but it's a lot better when combined with other birth control methods like condoms, and IUDs. You would use the previously mentioned birth control options and still have your partner remove his penis before he ejaculates.

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