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Sunday, January 13, 2019

25 Amazing girl's names that no one has ever heard heard before

There are lots of competitions in this world. Frankly, they are everywhere. The exciting 2018 Winter Olympics just started in Pyeongchang, South Korea this past week. The girls on the Bachelor compete for one man's love (and this season's girls just got to hometown dates!). Every day at work, there are challenges that are sometimes against others. Every day at home we could play Monopoly or Crazy Eights against our little brother or our father-- and the competition can heat up at any time.

The same goes for society, unfortunately. Who graduated high school at the top of their class? Was it you? Did you go away to college and get a decent GPA? Who had the biggest wedding? Who had the most expensive wedding dress? Where did they go on the honeymoon? How much did they spend? Who had kids first? Is it twins? Are they having a boy or a girl? And, most importantly, what did they name him or her?!

Below, we happily review twenty-five of the prettiest girl names that are brand spanking new for your future little one. They don't have the strength of time, but they have the spunkiness of something that is brand new!

25 Noella: Day of Birth

Very fitting, the name Noella means 'day of birth' or 'Christmas'. It is obviously a play on Noel, which many of us have heard before; however, it is much more feminine and unique spelled and drawn out in this way, adding a little flare at the end. The name can also mean spiritual. It is of Latin, as well as French, origin and is rarely used due to its' authentic spin on the more common version of itself. A growing little girl with this name will be extroverted and adventurous; she will be carefree and up for anything. She will grow into a mature woman that goes by the "you only live once" attitude and motto-- and will never let anything get in her way!

24 Milana: Favored

The beautiful name Milana is incredibly unique and authentic, having very few versions. One version of this name is Milena which is Czechoslovakian. Incredibly popular there in the Czech Republic, it is just starting its' popularity over here in North America, with a little more than 600 women with this name in the United States. (A more popular version is the shortened 'Mila' which is just as cute!). That's a small number compared to that of names like Elizabeth or Julia, with numbers into the millions. Naming your child any version of this name will give her a unique spin that few other little girls will have. The name means 'favored' and a little girl with this name will not only be kind, but also honest and lighthearted!

23 Harlow: A Changing Meadow

The name Harlow, of English decent, means "meadow" of the hares (or rabbits) and is usually a surname, but more recently in history has been used as a girl's first name in places like North America and France. People with this name are incredibly deep, always wanting to analyze, know why or how, and learn inner truths of those closest to them. A woman named Harlow may be a Pisces or a Cancer, incredibly closely tied to their emotions and their feelings. People with this name will crave change, growth, and strength. They will grow to be intelligent and will always look on the bright side of things. Optimism is their middle name-- and that always changing growth and mentality will make them a force to be reckoned with.

22 Elara: Rare And Unique

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Like most of our girl names on this list, the name Elara is incredibly unique in its' pronunciation and usage. It is so rare, in fact, that in 2007, only 5 women across the nation were named Elara at birth! This year, it is expected to bounce up to 40-60 women being named with this authentic and beautiful name, but still a small number compared to more popular names. The name is related to 'outer space'. This woman will grow to be challenging, but the rewards of being in her life (and her being in yours) will know no bounds. She will like change, love to be around people, and will never meet a rule she doesn't like. You will be proud of her and all the things she thinks and does throughout her life.

21 Seraphina: Fiery Woman

Seraphina is not only a beautiful and elegant name, but it is almost fantastical, giving you a mental image of a fairy-like goddess that has plenty of grace, spunk, and intelligence. She flies around with her head held high of confidence. How fitting, because in Jewish scripture the 'seraphim' are known as the highest ranked angels of God. They are known for their passion and love-- and that is just what this name represents. In a literal sense, the name is of Hebrew origin and means 'burning ones'. Ironic, right? A woman with this name is bold, always taking risks without thinking of consequence. She isn't scared of those consequences or repercussions, either. The name also represents angelic choices and big hearts with kind words.

20 Ondine: Little Wave, Big Waves

This one is probably one of the most unique on our list and probably the most atypical, as the others can be stemmed from other names. This one is in a league of its' own though. Ondine is of Latin origin. Pronounced on-dine (on-deen), the name literally means 'little wave'. How poetic! This is the name for you if you conceived on a tropical island, if you honeymooned in Hawaii, or if you just LOVE the beach/ocean! In mythology, Undine is the spirit of waters, so a very similar meeting all the way around, albeit with slightly different pronunciation. A woman with this name has a quiet strength (similar to the ocean), loves to spend time with friends, and knows exactly how to make waves when necessary.

19 Neave: Bright And Radiant

Neave is a name of Irish descent. The name can be pronounced two ways; that is "nee-iv" or "neev". The name literally means radiant, bright and/or luster. In mythology, Neave was a beautiful princess that rode a white horse with beautifully shiny and bright blonde hair. She fell in love with a man and spent countless hours with him. This name is incredibly popular in Ireland, yet we have rarely heard of it in North America. A girl with this name will grow to be strong, full of love, and a light for those that are in her life. Many will look up to her, but many will also have a hard time handling how much others love her. She is modest and kind as well.

18 Persephone: Take Charge Girl

Persephone is a unique and pretty girl's name that is quite the mouth full! It has an incredible elegance and intelligence to it that very few names can live up to, though. It was very popular in the early 2000s, but unfortunately has barely been heard of as of late. The name, of Greek origin, means 'destroyer', so you know any girl with this given name will be very strong-willed no matter who or what it affects. In mythology, she is the daughter of Zeus and Demeter and she is incredibly loved by all that know her. The myth states that Hades swallowed her up and made her is queen and now she splits her time in the underworld and on earth, as this explains our seasons.

17 Aspen: Trees And Colorado

Many, if not all, of us know that Aspen is a famous town in Colorado full of cute shops, great ski slopes, and awesome restaurants and clubs to spend your Saturday nights. Many celebrities spend their time there during all seasons, but especially during the winter months where they can hang out in the Jacuzzi while having a glass of champagne and overlooking the snowcapped mountains. The name Aspen means 'shaking tree' and lends itself to the snowy city in Colorado quite easily. The name was popular in the 1980s, but seems to be making a comeback. Either way, it is very unique still. The little girl with this name will be confident in her actions and too bold, but she knows what she wants!

16 Apple: Sweet Fruit

When we hear the name Apple for a little girl, it is hard not to think of Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter, whom she named Apple during the 2000s, with her rocker husband Chris Martin. We were all shocked by the name. It is certain that Paltrow started, or maybe just perpetuated, the fantastically weird and unique name trend that celebrities now use (we see you, Chicago West). The cute name means 'sweet fruit' or cherished one, as we know way back when apples were a symbol of importance (think Adam and Eve). A little girl with this name will be just what you think: sweet, full of juice (read: spunk), and will be bruised too easily (sensitive!). But she will also be kind, forgiving, and thoughtful.

15 Elva: White Wonder

Elva literally means 'white' and is of Irish origin, as well as Gaelic. There is also some research showing that it could be of German descent as well. It can be a nickname for the popular name of Elvira, but we are looking at it as a separate little girl's name in this case. (Plus, Elvira has a troublesome personality, and Elva simply does not.) It was popular in the early 20th century, but took a very steady and drastic decline since then to the present day now. That is why its' uniqueness is new and fresh again. The little girl with the name Elva will be the apple of her parents' eye: pure, kind, and full of grace. She will never be an embarrassment, always thinking her decision through before taking action.

14 Indigo: Blue And Beautiful

Indigo is a popular name for a color, but is rarely used as a little girl's name. It means 'blue dye' and is of Greek origin. It reminds us of the sky, a beautiful blue robin, or the colors of a baby boy's bedroom wall, but it is also a beautifully promising name for a little girl, too. In the early 1980s, this name took a steady decline, until it skyrocketed in the early 1990s. Now, it has a fresh meaning due to the trend in rare and special baby names. A little girl with this name will grow to be someone that changes the world with her beliefs and her will to succeed. She will not care about her looks, but will still be uniquely pretty with soft features and great hair.

13 Fleur: French Flower

The unique and elegant name Fleur literally means flower in French-- and it is one of the prettiest names on this list (at least we think so). It has had its' popularity grow in the last several decades, thanks to movies like Harry Potter and Bambi, but it has yet to see enough popularity to be anywhere close to trendy. Furthermore, the name was seen in John Galsworthy's novel "The Forsyte Saga", in which the main character's name was Fleur. Other variations of this name are Flora and Florine, but Fleur has a simple elegance that its' variations just do not have. A little girl with this name will grow to be graceful, super artsy, and intelligent. She will use her intelligence to propel her through life and will love to learn and grow as an individual.

12 Gemma: Crown Jewel

Maybe quite obviously, the beautiful name Gemma means 'jewel' or 'gem' and represents a little girl that will be the center of her parents' world, as well as the center of most people's world! It is of Italian origin and is closely related to religion, saints, and manifestations of the Bible, as well as other religious connections. A little girl with this name will represent the center of attention because she is as beautiful as a jewel, as well as unique and hardworking too. She will not take no for an answer when it comes to anything, whether it was her dinner entrée or a life-altering decision. She will be strong in a quiet sense and will love to be involved in selfless activities.

11 Analia: Full Of Grace

The name Analia is of Spanish origin and it was created when putting Ana and Lucia together. Ana stems from the English version, Anne. Both names (Ana and Lucia) originate from Hebrew and mean "grace" or "favor". The name was very unpopular until its' small rise in 2008. Despite this, the name's popularity decreased once more in recent years and now it is barely recognizable as a trendy name. That's why this new and fresh name is on our list! Also, the name is very unique, giving the baby that takes the name a uniqueness as well. The little girl will grow to be very funny, physically graceful, and incredibly resilient. She will feel very full, but will grow to get over things and move on gracefully!

10 Felia: Happy Helper

Felia is a play on the name Ophelia, which originates from the Greeks. The name means 'help' which is exactly what this little girl will grow to do. She will be happy-go-lucky, truly never letting anything get her down. She will also be kind and helpful to anyone in need, whether a stranger on the street or her best friend. The popularity of the name 'Ofelia' (similar to that of Ophelia) reached its' peak in the 1940s but has been on a steady decline ever since, giving way for this shortened and fresh version to take its' place. The popularity of the original version of the name stems from the young female character in Shakespeare's Hamlet. The name Felia just takes a new spin on the original; look out for the next trend!

9 Quilah: Strong Girl

Quilah (pronounced "kwee-luh") is not actually the original spelling of the original version; however, there are several spellings and variations of this name, including Quila or Quillah, just to name a few. The name has little to no research on it as it is completely brand new! Some things that we do know about the name Quilah are as follows. It is of Spanish origin. The name also represents home and family as well as exhibits warmth, balance, and harmony. A little girl with this very unique, pretty, and trend-setting name will take great importance in maintaining good, quality relationships with her family and friends, no matter what it takes. She will always help someone in need and will always be a light in any room she walks into.

8 Calypso: Greek Goddess

Of Greek origin, this name is super spunky and particular, giving way for a little girl to grow to be the same type of woman. It is also a type of Indian style music, giving it another element of uniqueness. Pronounced "ka-lip-so", the name in mythology represents "she who hides" as Calypso was a demi-goddess and nymph that lived on a hidden island, imprisoning another god as her lover for many years. What does this tell us? This tells us that a little girl with this name will be a strong individual, rarely following in anyone's footsteps and marching to the beat of her own drum. She will be strong-willed, brave, and challenging, but also love fiercely and fully, showering love on all those around her.

7 Philia: For Friendship

Philia is a great play on the name Filia, which derives from ancient Greece. The meaning of Philia is simply 'friendship' and what is incredible about this name is that it has not made any trendy waves in its' time of existence. It has never been in the top 2000 most popular baby names since the records started to be kept, in fact! That makes it incredibly individualized and exclusive. A little girl with this name will be a kind soul that will care greatly about hurting others. She will always think before she speaks and will grow to have manners, grace, and great intelligence. Her family will watch her blossom into that of a lawyer or a future CEO, as she is unstoppable when it comes to people and interact with them.

6 Oona: Little Lamb

The unique and sweet name "Oona" is a different take on the original name Una. It has multiple meanings depending on its' language. For example, in Gaelic, Oona means 'lamb' which is perfect for a bright and kind little girl. In Latin, it means 'one', representing harmony and grace. And, lastly, in Icelandic, it means 'happy' which is exactly what a little girl with this name will be! She will represent everything wonderful about this name and much more. She will have grace, harmony, and peace, allowing her to never start a confrontation, but grow from her mistakes and the mistakes of those around her. She may become a future veterinarian, as she is incredibly kind and gentle to all animals, seeing them as equals to us.

5 Ivory: For Purity

The beautiful name Ivory is of Latin origin and means creamy-white color. It also represents the hard tusks of elephants, which are used to make art and jewelry around the world. Pronounced "eye-vree", the name exhibits a gentle strength for any little girl that bears it. The name and its' popularity has been all over the map for decades. It took a steady decline in 1940 after many years of popularity in the early twentieth century. Then, in the 1990s, it continued to fluctuate throughout the entire decade until landing on the side of less popularity in recent years. A little girl with this name will be popular, incredibly bold, and brave. She will be a beacon of change when she is older and represent great courage for those that know her.

4 Nola: Noble and Famous

This beautiful and spunky name, Nola, is brand new, like many others on our list. It was popular at the turn of the twentieth century before virtually falling off the face of the earth, before returning in the early 2000s. (See a trend here?) It is of Irish origin and has many meanings. First, it means 'famous'. It can also mean 'fair shoulders' as it is the short form of the Gaelic "Fionnula" which literally means white shoulders. Lastly, the name Nola can mean noble, as in brave, kind, and respectable. Other forms of this name are Magnolia and Nuala. A little girl with this proud name will be just that: proud (albeit sometimes stubborn), very brave within her choices and demeanor, and also very much respected by her peers and her family. Nola is also the nickname of a beloved U.S. city, New Orleans!

3 Ardsley: Meadow Maven

Ardsley started out as a last name for many; however, now it is becoming a somewhat popular and pretty first name for little girls. The name is of Old English origin and means "home lover's meadow". Unique, right?! That is because it plays off of variations of the name like Ardley, which is a place, and Ardly as well. Even though its' popularity is steadily increasing, it has yet to break the top 2000 most popular baby names list. A little girl with this name will be beautifully gentle and have a deep love for nature. She will understand things before speaking or acting; she will love her job deeply and take great pride in it; and she will never hurt those that are important to her.

2 Keeley: Lively Lady

The name Keeley is of Gaelic origin and has a few different meanings. First, it means 'slender' and 'pretty' which is fitting for our list of the prettiest girl names! The name can also represent war meaning this little girl will be lively and aggressive in a strong and brave way. The popularity of the name skyrocketed in 1995 before fluctuating up and down into the twenty-first century, finally landing on a steady decline in recent years. Variations include Keely, Keyley, Keighley, and more. The little girl with this name will be just what the name means: lively in a fun way, tall and skinny, and incredibly strong and resilient. She won't take anybody treating her negatively and will not give time to those that do so. She will also be strong in her convictions and beliefs.

1 Siobhan: Irish Graciousness

Of Hebrew and Irish origin, the name means "God is gracious". It has many variations, but the most common name is pronounced "Sha-vonn". Variations of the name are Yvonne, Shavon, and Chavonne. The name was incredibly popular in the early 1990s, but steadily declined at the turn of the twenty-first century. It took a little jump in early 2003, but has ceased to exist in the popularity realm as of late it seems. A little girl with this name will be full of grace and kindness. She will be bold in a gentle way. She won't need to be the center of attention to make her statement, as her intelligence will do that for her. She will also be a great friend that always listens to those in need.

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