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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Amazing : Nigerian lady owns a big poultry business, against lots of negativities.

 A beautiful Nigerian lady, who resides at Aba, has shared an intriguing story of how she has now become a lucrative poultry farm owner. 

Explaining how tough it was to start the business, expecially gaining a capital, Facebook user BlackQueen, expressed many seeked for her nudes, some ignored her pleas, except for a mesiiah that, located and gave her 200 thousand naira. 

Read her post:

"2018 was the hardest year of my life but yet I scaled through..I couldn't believe I was going to go this far but I did. 

I remembered how difficult it was for me to raise money to start my poultry, how I went to different people's inbox but no one heard me. Some asked for my nudes before they could help me while some just read and ignored, others promised but refused to pick my calls at the ninth hour...I had managed to raise a little money but I needed 500k to make my dream come through..well to cut the long story short; my messiah came and lent me some money which I added to the one I had saved and boom I started the business with just 200 birds even though I lost some birds I still made it and am grateful to this messiah 
Thanks so much babe u know I heart u already

These pictures are the evidence of my journey and this January am bringing in 400 birds 😘😘😘"

          Her chics at a few days old. 

       Her hard work paid off. 

Hope you are inspired? 

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