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Friday, January 4, 2019

Beautiful Nigerian lady, saves man From rape case .

A beautiful Nigerian Engineer, has recounted how she saved a Nigerian man, from being penalized, as a rapist. 

An act which she described as a mistake, later escalated, but subsided, due to her intervention. 

Reacting to her post, Facebook user Chioma, got applauded, for helping the young lad out. 

Read how it went down:

"I really needed to share this! 
So, I paid my brother a surprise visit at his work place two days ago. He has been working really hard of late, I convinced him to go out for lunch with me, he was not okay with the idea initially but gave in after much persuasion. 

So, we decided to get a Maruwa (keke) to the nearest bus stop. Now wait, we all know how people just jump in to get inside the keke, especially during rush hours.

Like always, there were quite a number of people trying to board the empty Maruwas around and numerous more waiting for the next batch. It was a complete Chaos!

This Maruwa stopped in front of us, my brother immediately took the place beside the driver, I rushed to back and so was this other girl.

In his bid to avoid the task force guys, the driver started the Maruwa, not minding that there was still a space left at the back row. As we were about leaving, this guy jumped into the Maruwa and accidentally landed his hands on the breast of the girl sitting beside me. 

Believe me, that was completely accidental. I saw it happen, she saw it too. Oga apologized and explained to her that it wasn’t intentional.

She did nothing, said nothing. When we all alighted at the airport junction, madam turned to Oga and dashed him a dirty slap. I was shocked. Oga was shocked too. I saw everything play out, so why then slap him now!

Madam went from 0 to 100. “You pervert, I know what you did, swear you didn’t see me sitting there, you just wanted to press bress abi, don’t worry I’ll show you”

Before you know it, some guy like that (I guess the guy that she was about meeting) walked up to us and started punching the Oga ooo and the girl joined in the attack.

I started shouting at the girl and all, the keke driver too and my brother.

Shit escalated quickly, Oga lost all home training in him and started attacking back. Omo no be small something ooo. I had to even drag him away from the girl but she followed us and kept screaming for help, calling him rapist and all.

Like play like play, the area police came for the dude. He resisted arrest and his defiance gained him another slap.

I was furious. I had to start explaining to the policemen what really went down. Moreover I don’t know this people from anywhere, so why would I lie. They apologized to the lady, said it was a total misunderstanding and let the dude free.

What would’ve happened if we weren’t there. He did nothing wrong. Madam even insinuated he wanted to rape her!  In a Maruwa with three witnesses... Some guts!!!

I felt sorry for men that day. How can you expect someone to respect the other gender if some things like these are ignored? Why was't she punished? She left easily with her boyfriend. Just because she was shading shameless tears 😭 

Ladies, all men are not dogs! Mistakes do happen!!! 

Imagined if it was my brother there and I wasn’t by his side to help.... Madam was already crying and spitting shit. They might even decide to lynch him sef...

We shouldn’t always be too quick to pass judgments, some ladies are downright malicious and so some men!"

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