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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Lady, Emphasize That Prostitute Have More Dignity Than House Wives.

A pretty slay queen has stated via her twitter handle, that prostitutes have more dignity than African wife. 

The Lady identified as LADY LOVE, expressed, she don't mind the critics as she has said what she said. 


"Between a prostitute and an African wife, if there's anyone who has more dignity, it is the prostitute.. 

She charges you per round, she can decide not to f*ck you at all, she doesn't have to birth your babies, and she doesn't have to cook or clean either. If anything.. 

This is what African men don't like about them. 

The fact that a woman charges them for s*x and yet isn't subject to their wills outside of contract. So they glorify their one time purchased h*es and baby making factories. 

And try to vilify the woman who does exactly same... Only that she has what their wives don't have. FREEDOM. 

Oh and I know this will go viral.. Y'all like mischief like that. 

So while you're here, go on and think about the purpose of bride price. 

Think deep and long, and when done, go ahead and pay it. But don't act like you're not paying for s*x".

Trust me, Nigerians have carefully taken time to bash and scold her. 

Tell us what you think and don't forget to share.. 

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