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Friday, January 4, 2019

Suspects narrated how they killed a bussinesman and roasted his head for rituals

Murder suspects Dauda Amusa and Kabiru Dudupariola, who were accused of killing a businessman and roasting his head for money ritual

A beer seller in Ifon, Osun State, Dauda Amusa, and his friend, Kabiru Dudupariola, have revealed how they lured a businessman, Sanusi Isiaka, to a bush, killed him and roasted his head for money ritual.

The suspects alleged that another businessman, Yekini Ayinde, popularly known as Abija, gave them the contract to kill the deceased and paid them N200,000 for the assignment.

The Commissioner of Police in the state, Mr  Fimihan Adeoye, told Daily Trust that Isiaka, 42, had supplied bags of rice to Abija, who he said didn’t want to pay for the goods after selling them, hence his contract to the suspects to kill the rice dealer.

Adeoye described the case as a clear one of conspiracy and murder. He explained that Amusa and Dudupariola lured Isiaka to a bush at a point near Slava Construction Company along Iwo Road, Osogbo, on May 14, 2017 and killed him, after which they took his head away and left his body in the bush.

In a chat with our correspondent, the prime suspect, Amusa, 36, an indigene of Offa, Kwara State, said, “I’m a beer seller. One day, Abija came to my joint to drink. He demanded for a particular wine which I didn’t have. I told him that my business is small scale and he promised to help me expand it. He lent me N30,000 immediately.

“Abija came back the following day and told me he has a deal for me that would fetch me huge money. He told me that he has a court case with someone and that Isiaka would testify against him in court and that he would be jailed. He said I should help him kill Isiaka.

“I know I cannot do it alone. That was why I contacted my friend, Kabiru, to join me for the job. Kabiru and I took a lot of alcoholic drinks and drugs before we moved to Oke-fia in Osogbo where we connected with Isiaka. Abija deceived Isiaka that he needed to meet some new customers and that we would all need go to Iwo to perfect the business and would return to Osogbo the following day.

“When we got to the bush, Abija told the driver to stop and he gave us a sign. We quickly overpowered Isiaka and tied him with a rope.

Kabiru wanted to kill him with his gun but we later decided to use a knife to cut his throat. After killing him, I remembered that I needed a human head for money ritual and I quickly removed Isiaka’s head.

“I was roasting the head and preparing other items needed for the ritual when some policemen came. I managed to escape that day. I ran away from Ifon but they eventually apprehended me on December 28, 2018,” Amusa stated.

Kabiru corroborated Amusa’s statement but said he attempted to reject his own share of the money after the mission, but Amusa persuaded him to take it.

Police Commissioner Adeoye said detectives were still on the trail of Abija.

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