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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Unbelievable : Man Sends Brainstorming Message To His Haters!

A Nigerian man, has written a long, and very important massage to his haters.

Mr Frank wrote this on his Facebook page, to announce to haters on his achievements and plans.

With this, there is a chance, they would all definitely respect h it s decision and mind their businesses.

Read his post:

"I swear I gonna do anything possible to bring out my full joy and happiness even if it will cost me the last five Naira (5N) in my pocket or in my bank account I must do it..i know some senseless and foolish people I always call my haters will all get it twisted in understanding it in a negative way thinking I want to wallow in evil well if u think like that you are a foolish and an enemy of progress anyway incase u don't know, know it know now that am on the process of what I desired to do that u foolish once think I can't do now am trying to create another awareness of what I want to do so that some kinda of riff-fraffs so called haters enemies of progress will see and pick a topic from it for there groups and family meeting gossip joint dear haters please keep promoting me by my evil in your families and groups meetings u always call my name in anything rubbish u want to say I do because it makes me feel on top ur promoting me like a celebrity please don't  forget my name let my name be on air but remember what beat drum for you is in the bush everything about me is on God hand and only on him I hoped on only God that created me understand everything about me, and this am processing which I desired so much will surely be as I planed and it the way it will please my God therefore keep spreading my name oo after running we count miles I know this what haters want to here know it now that I am the most bad and evil doer on earth no one bad pass me yes spread it to the whole world so that they will come and take my life if they are there when God created me my dear haters now let enter judgement if u carry me for MInd in anything you are doing in other to condem me and tag me evil and u know very well that there is something u do in line with what your evil mind tells u that I am doing which Bible said all sins are equal which u are not even sure while me am sure of urs anywhere u stand and call my name or even remember to carry me for mind thunder that will strike u will make sure it pieces your mind and destroy Your Own present generation and your first and last generation to come u will never see good since good has finally become bad to u because of a single encounter dear haters please am not against u correcting anybody  but first correct your self when you start correcting without having people in mind I will know don't deceive you self thinking you are deceiving two  years old baby with u are talking generally then u start uplifting your self as a saint rubbish I hated u with passion because your stories is in my hand and again u think I don't know when someone is having me in their minds dear haters I know just that I decided to be quiet and accept whatever you say in the name of u are talking generally look am blessed with so many kind of spiritual gifts oo if u don't know, know it now so any way u wan follow, before you make a step I knew where you are heading to, you are doing all this to set people's minds for them to start avoiding some me as an outcast hahaha 😂 u are a fool I laugh you u want me to look as a communal I laugh u I gain nothing if people even like me and God did not so I don't need love from one particular organization if I need fans  at least love I gain here on facebook from my important ones here is enough for me if I need more fans too and their love I know what to do and where to go to get them all not in that particular organization u can gain your fans there and generate love for you self by castigating others, gain it alone oo I don't need them it all rubbish my God loves me the way I am because I am trying everything possible to please him remember am not perfect oo therefor me I wished to be alone than to be loved face to face an get stabbed by same lovers in same organization 

 I need fans fact and I will go extra mile to  get it with God in me and for God yes that's my saying now  keep reading oo if am bad and don't have fear of God my haters wait for my bad results "smile"😂 if am normally living  how God wants me I gonna move from grass to grace if u try to stop it that's when fire and things u have been doing secretly inside  will condemn u to death dear haters please if you are not hundred percent Holy u have no right to correct me even Bible said judge not oku gbabuo ndi si na mu ayaro enwe ezumuike nonsense some animals will take this personal if u take this personal consider yourself an animal  if u call me names consider yourself condemned because u don't know where it all started and how bittered I am if u see this post and u don't understand the write up please just ignore the write up and like the pics and comment on my new work the write up is not for u I intentionally drop it here because I have come to realize that my facebook page has become center for fake evil local bloggers that knows me personally from one particular organization they sworn never to mind there business because they have sited the future and see it hold good for me specifically from God they want to stain it I won't let them now they will come here to my page to look for one thing or the  other to be against me even when they found nothing they make sure they twist the one post they saw  and join to the nonsense they evil spirits tells them so it can correspond, it high time I stop showing up my face and smiles at them  Anyhow  and the implement has started already for them to stop being negative and their nonsense sight at me but I won't stop facebook unless when I found my self old and I must live my life as it is until I die if it evil then I rout in hell but dear  haters hear this u are a coded fornicator in one way, u are  just pretending and covering up by talking against people to maintain your  Glory for people to still believe in them come out bold and sue me then I will tell you I have been packing for you I have mouth ngba wa gia kodi let me leave it here my local bloggers oya come and carry this one oo as usual onye nu, ya kara igbe ya oo.ogwu sha

ka oram nonu haters if u there insult me after reading this ur tongue will cease and ur mouth will turn like that of an imbecile"

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